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  1. Once In A While
  2. Billy Post 04.02.24: Gays, Cubs, and Grandmothers
  3. What is the deal with this?
  4. Back in the day...
  5. **pumpkins ftp update...again**
  6. Fav blue skies version(theres 4 that i've heard)
  7. pumpkin injuries!?
  8. Anyone have the Vapor promo with 'Never Ever' by James Iha?
  9. Speaking of Baseball
  10. Looking for "the Walkmen" boots
  11. I Love you D'arcy
  12. radio > HD
  13. alright people
  14. Rival Factions
  15. pumpkin questions
  16. The most important part of the 2-17 message??
  17. Who Recorded Billy & Rick Neilson Tonight?
  18. Which MACHINA II disc comes first?
  19. Did the SP SBD for 05.23.00 get out yet?
  20. Where's the MII tracklisting pics?
  21. Fond Drum clinic memories.
  22. blink 182 im missing you
  23. Porcelina - live
  24. 33 Video Reference to Hamlet?
  25. Barton Ball
  26. Broken Social Scene Taping Policy?
  27. Billy on CNN
  28. this sucks
  29. new billy post 02/27/04
  30. the crying tree of mercury sux
  31. "within the lilting lights"
  32. It's been a long time, since we've had a ? about EAC
  33. let's discuss the videos.
  34. who we be
  35. FYI B0lly
  36. FYI Bolly Part 2
  37. what tuning is There It Goes in?
  38. honestly guit effects?
  39. it's scary but machina's now sufficiently in the past you can get nostalgic about it.
  40. Rare SP Gift
  41. Sweet SP thing!
  42. for any of you who thought Slow Dawn kicked ass, there is a reworked version!
  43. whilst having the flu....
  44. what do you think billy's next post will be about
  45. ISO: Pixies tickets (London, any day)
  46. bypass's flash interface
  47. stupid is as stupid does....
  48. ANNC: 'Untitled' live montage version (DVD sourced)
  49. ISO : Final Show
  50. promos
  51. Mouths of Babes appreciation post
  52. The Lost Studio Pictures
  53. Did anyone capture Melissa's BBC webcast?
  54. SP cover of Limelight by Rush
  55. new post 3.02.04
  56. browse+archive's messages w/o flash (new version)
  57. The Time Has Come!!!
  58. taping FAQ
  59. why the metro dvd will NEVER be released...
  60. selling my taping equipment
  61. help with sound forge.......anyone?
  62. Let It Come Down
  63. tsp1996-04-07-DVD
  64. New bc post for 3.4.04
  65. Hey Anybody Remembers me from the Sp Board ?
  66. Sometimes I forget how much I love the Pumpkins...
  67. Better Machina Tracklist
  68. so, the cast for the sp movie!
  69. Better Machina Tracklist
  70. I Want You to Want Me 02.26.04
  71. the two different type of sp songs
  72. new Bolly post!!! 03/04/04
  73. ISO Taper: March 18th Brooklyn New York Brant Bjork(Kyuss) & Nick Oliveri(QOTSA)
  74. More vids...
  75. ever wondered...
  76. If there would be only 15 trax on Machina 2...
  77. See a show, Hear a show
  78. "Siamese Dream," the song
  79. are you gonna send billy an email when he posts his next message?
  80. ISO: Sustain Punch Creamy Dreamer
  81. Jerry Supiran
  82. purchasing MD for first time
  83. adore mono lp shn
  84. my suprise: a Rocket instrumental
  85. post funny billy/SP pics.
  86. I Am One on Pumpkins TV
  87. Help me on my first ever Bolly photoshop!!!
  88. quality difference between standalone dvd-r and pc based dvd-r
  89. Netphorian Art Class
  90. billy's 666 tshirt
  91. EAC problem, need help!
  92. Silverfuck - Metro 12/2/2000
  93. so...any of you heard the 7 secrets of the 7 veils of apollo?
  94. SP and the movie "Amadeus"
  95. got some shows that could help a newb
  96. Pumpkins last UK concert date
  97. lyric appreciation uber-thread.
  98. The only truly group effort
  99. question on 'gish rough mix'
  100. blatent advertising
  101. eits2004-03-09 check out da shizzle
  102. Double Door future in jeapordy...
  103. new billy post 3.10.04
  104. pic of chris fabian?
  105. ripping wmv to audio format
  106. Will any SP stuff be re-released in SACD or DVD-A?
  107. January 16, 1996
  108. adore "angel" hand-painted promo poster?
  109. Att: real new billy post from today...
  110. ghost of the o-board
  111. Georges Melies rips off pumpkins Tonight Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Billy's brother's gonna paint my Mesa 4x12 grill. MCIS
  113. Jimmy's "galfreunds" / picture thread
  114. Large publicity pictures needed / Serious thread
  115. Untitled 7 Track Canadian Promo
  116. Metallica's Frontman...
  117. favorite SP cover?
  118. evanescence cover zero?
  119. DeathCab/BK/Pedro/+/- tapers?
  120. Can't afford to buy the SP albums for a 4th time.
  121. What is this John Coltrane album? what is it worth?
  122. new Billy Post and pic!!
  123. mashed 'taters
  124. machina II - virgin promo
  125. The UC Show 29/11/00
  126. whoa
  127. Reel Time Studio Sessions
  128. Mashed Potatoes
  129. Looking for trades...
  130. New Billy Interview/article in Chicago Reader
  131. Pisces Iscariot alt. covers?
  132. Suggestions for name of Pumpkins tribute band ?
  133. Warez Farez?
  134. SP avatars
  135. aint it billy's birthday coming up?
  136. how much do u think someone would pay if someone put billys ZERO shirt on eBay?
  137. Anybody here from the old O-board?
  138. write a story only with smashing pumpkins lyrics
  139. i like smashing pumpkins
  140. fantastic + taping genuis -
  141. fuck
  142. Where is this picture from?
  143. Whatever Happened to BHR
  144. James tries too hard during mcis
  145. How's the quality of the SP Astoria 94 DVD?
  146. TAPROOT Collaborate With BILLY CORGAN, DEFTONES' CARPENTER - Mar. 15, 2004
  147. DAB's
  148. APC on Leno
  149. radio live sessions
  150. Is there a piano score for Deus ex Machina in existance??
  151. James High School Band Snake Train's Demo Tape
  152. Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please...
  153. Best Bit Torrent Client
  154. Hey mods ban user 'patrick' for flooding the board
  155. promo video of SP on TRL 2000.03.09
  156. MCIS w/ headphones
  157. where's Waldo?
  158. Heavy Metal Machine Promo Tape (Side B) With Headphones
  159. I remember mods
  160. Billy in "After the Plague"
  161. Does anyone know what the muttering in galapogos says
  162. anyone travelling to chicago april 19?
  163. so let me get this straight
  164. wow, hyperbolly is all business
  165. It's bOlly's Birthday!
  166. here he is
  167. International SP Meetup Day
  168. had the weirdest dream about james last night
  169. NIN jimmy?!?! wtf?!?!
  170. Billys and Melissas birthday gifts
  171. Can't stop laughing
  172. OMG it's Billy's birthday!!
  173. Help with Disarm guitar tab?
  174. i went to billys birthday party
  175. Vegas Style: Odds that the Metro DVD will ever be released.
  176. So I bought a DVD burner...
  177. What ever happened to Glass the cartoon series?
  178. Metro DVD finally released! No joke!!
  179. Mayonnaise vs. Annie-Dog
  180. How can you fucking stand this shit!
  181. Corgan Putting New Music on Display
  182. If you had to day for sp band member , who would it be?
  183. Papa M 04.02.12
  184. if you had to finish a half empty can of soda imbibed by one SP member who would it b
  185. Getcher fresh hot SnakeTrain here
  186. att dead or dean
  187. someone doesn't like waldo
  188. So what should I listen to/download to explore the Pumpkins?
  189. SP; August 28,1991
  190. My last try to convince you to register...
  191. i finnaly have the metro DVD in my hands
  192. Violin music
  193. 3 Days ago...
  194. Guitar / Amp settings
  195. You're dead fucker!
  196. Best live performance of Today?
  197. re: this post "You're dead fucker!"
  198. just bought machina...what a stinker
  199. request for (cd carriers or whatever they're called)
  200. Pumpkin Stage Banter of the Day
  201. acoustic endless summer
  202. hey, billy's been arrested!
  203. Rick finished my MCIS cab grill!
  204. REQUEST - Stand Inside Your Love rare acoustic MP3
  205. twilightfades
  206. have you emailed billy yet
  207. easiest SP songs to play on guitar?
  208. Smashing mentioned in swedish business magazine (hilarious story)
  209. Pics of Jimmy at NAMM
  210. Anybody have the 3 essays that won Billy's Prizes?
  211. Adore Compilation 1 DVD
  212. one of the most underrated sp songs
  213. SP vs Zwan
  214. Pumpkin Stage Banter of the Day #2!
  215. Attn: a SP/Zwan Hub Op
  216. a NEW mp3 show
  217. Somebody just won
  218. Siamese Singles Vinyl
  219. Billy Corgan Novel?
  220. has anyone gotten a reply yet?
  221. Will you buy b0lly's book of poems?
  222. PWNED! (TSP related)
  223. vinyl song divisions?
  224. go iha, it's yer birthday
  225. "Where the Fuck are My Car Keys??"
  226. "Try, Try, Try" director's cut -- where?
  227. what was the name of the Adore tour?
  228. New Billy Post 03.24.04
  229. Billy in RS......
  230. 'Sup with pumpkins winamp tv
  231. b0lly- yes or no
  232. Iron and Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy taping policy
  233. Smashing Pumpkins download/ftp sites
  234. Billy Corgan is making a special guest appearece on Sder.mall Won
  235. snaketrain demo tape
  236. i just did a random search for 'Bolly' on google pictures
  237. my DVD mission
  238. recommend me some pre-gish songs.
  239. Untitled Single
  240. been gone a while........
  241. Gm Place 1997
  242. in need of a vhs>vcd transfer
  243. portable DAT's
  244. BC accoustic bootleg!
  245. cool words on billy's guitar solos
  246. Pumpkins CD's and tab books for sale
  247. machina 2
  248. GISH on VINYL, sealed for trade or sale
  249. UP FOR GRABS: Four Pumpkins Videos
  250. Smashing Pumpkins T-Shirts for sale.