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  1. viuphoria secret stuff
  2. billy corgan has become
  3. there's something very cool in the works....
  4. MCIS = Concept Album?
  5. in appreciation of the following highly underrated songs
  6. adore synth work
  7. today is the first anniversary of msots' release
  8. for sale
  9. Post 5
  10. appreciation thread
  11. The Thing About Bolly...
  12. queston???
  13. New post is funny
  14. Name of the song
  15. ANNC: Melissa DVD Bit Torrent
  16. For everyone who thinks Billy's posts aren't "serious enough" or whatever...
  17. Goddamn
  18. burner
  19. new picture on
  20. interesting.....
  21. just be glad you're a fan of Billy Corgan and not the Sex Pistols...
  22. CD J-Card template?
  23. Netphoria message boards are like CNN...
  24. Netphoria Poll: What is your favorite live version of Silverfuck?
  25. where's Luke gotten to?
  26. Sorrow
  27. SHN plugin for Winamp 5?
  28. Does anyone have a vhs of all their known television performances?
  29. I know where the pigs from earphoria have been upto
  30. For $400...
  31. someone post a link to bollified mario 3
  32. Article on Pitchfork about Billy's solo album...
  33. confirmed "lineup" of people assisting billy with his solo album.
  34. Iha's SP-Songs
  35. why are some bands against open taping (or taping in general?)
  36. Sony MDS-JE500 MD Deck
  37. Has James been playing SP riffs during APC shows?
  38. Easy listening version of Once In A While?
  39. Last Silverfuck at the Metro
  40. someone got a nice score
  41. in billy's latest post...
  42. Storytellers Uncut VHS.. anyone got a REALLY low gen?
  43. any oz tapers...?
  44. Did Billy save your life?
  45. questions on shows of the pumpkins (numbers)
  46. dawn2dusk
  47. Billy IS a Christian.
  48. Censorship.
  49. Song For Judy Appreciation Thread
  50. The New Post
  51. need some help
  52. Remember when Billy broke the pumpkins up because of competition from Britney?
  53. Anyone here have the Sun Remix on MP3?
  54. Anyone have an mp3 of the Sun Remix?
  55. The new smashing pumpkins book...
  56. Anyone going to see Modest Mouse in Costa Mesa, CA?
  57. a song title on the DVD?
  58. "Honeyspider" is 9 jillion times worse then anything on MACHINA
  59. Billy and Taproot
  60. to sheila (mono) dl
  61. D'arcy
  62. b0lly SD era 666 shirt
  63. Best TSP entire CD single?
  64. ITT, you write lead parts to the jams in pastichio medley
  65. For Martha
  66. Evergreen Terrace covers Zero
  67. Question about SD vinyl
  68. trades...?
  69. Chingy covers Zero
  70. Pumpkins cover Zero!!
  71. Adore
  72. Machina is better than Adore
  73. Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
  74. Machina could of been better than adore
  75. "and why i'm in the dress?"
  76. Spinoff: worst pre-gish songs EVAR!
  77. New Post
  78. you know, billy might be dumb and gay and all to most of you
  79. taproot & billy connection.....
  80. are there any Marked recordings on the net?
  81. brought to you by
  82. How come TSP didnt play "The Last song" as their last song at the last show?
  83. that For Your Love performance on MSOTS DVD
  84. I am one (part 2) by Garbage
  85. attn: machina haters
  86. SP fan base , the crazyest ever?
  87. MACHINA Booklet
  88. The [fucking] virgins
  89. Altered SPINOFF of SPINOFF: Most rocking Pre-Gish song
  90. for all you tortoise fans out there
  91. rate the songs from judas o
  92. Billy corgan is not my lover
  93. finally arrived....
  94. Wesley Willis did a song about Dale Meiners
  95. My cover of UGLY
  96. question about 8/10/1988
  97. Followed The Waves
  98. live zwan
  99. James mentions Matt Sweeney in 1992 Pumpkins show...
  100. The Mars Volta DC Sharing Hub
  101. SP concert experiences
  102. another dvd-r question
  103. Anyone notice this from the Machina booklet (Glass and alchemy)
  104. billt post
  105. itchy & scraychy*
  106. Anyone wanna do a B+P of 1/8/97?
  107. "jackie blue" was a question at trivia tonight
  108. is there a big enough sucker out there?
  109. Billy to play 4 songs at the Worldwide Toast to Harry
  110. mercury tide- tonight tonight
  111. new corgan post....
  112. By any chance, did anyone here happen to tape the suberbowl halftime show?
  113. My cover of Hello Kitty Kat
  114. Best three hours of my life!!!
  115. Billy's car is on Ebay!
  116. Best B0lly Banter
  117. until its released.....
  118. TAFH box set
  119. What do you call the breaking up of the Smashing Pumpkins?
  120. Billy's new "solo" look.
  121. Who is here because they actually like The Smashing Pumpkins?
  122. slander!
  123. selling some taping equipment
  124. Have you heard Kissin Time?
  125. Hawt
  126. post your sp picture scans
  127. Huge SP B+P Offer
  128. Incubus - Made For Tv Movie = SD guitar tone.
  129. i have a favor to ask
  130. show question
  131. new for 02/13
  132. Tonite Reprise
  133. you know you are obsessed with SP when...
  134. i'm excited about the poetry book
  135. just a s.tellers query.
  136. Betcha Billy plays @double door tomorrow
  137. What would you pay?
  138. there's a new pic on
  139. Here's to the Atom Bomb
  140. Auf Der Maur 2004.01.27 Torrent
  141. How much is the Light Into Dark LP consideres worth these days
  142. Spun Soundtrack
  143. LIVE a perfect circle James Iha question
  144. my website update...
  145. Pumpkins Christmas song.
  146. Rosing, Ron
  147. What do Red Elephant have to do with SP?
  148. "spaceboys unplugged"
  149. Zwan svcd info
  150. Auf der Maur in Austin, TX
  151. Who does SPFC discog section? New compilation discovered.
  152. which pork product?
  153. Erm... Zwanphoria?
  154. wana hear sum tunes?
  155. WTD: Matt Sharp recordings
  156. check out my forum!!!
  157. check out my traders forum!!!
  158. Actually hey guys have you noticed his tuning during the poetry performance?
  159. teh bargain0rs
  160. Teh b0lly Mobile!!!
  161. James Iha broke up the smashing pumpkins...
  162. Streaming Pumpkins Vid on Winamp
  163. hey...why have we never heard anything about billy's other brother?
  164. Billy's tape recorded messages
  165. DVD-R deal in Ontario at BestBuy 25 for $30
  166. More speculation on the james thing - apc last nite
  167. D'arcy: "mean spirited drug addict"
  168. in the spirit of billys new blog...
  169. ok. so then who the F (really) broke up Zwan?
  170. I bet Billy's enjoying all the shit he's sttirring up
  171. temporary email-addy
  172. in spirit of recent news, CAPTION THIS!
  173. i found teh proof of billy's accusations!
  174. my site update *2
  175. 2-17-04 answers.....
  176. James Iha: Cyberstalking Victim.
  177. I love you all.
  178. updated list of scan / pic wants
  179. Wow, that whole heroin thing in 96 really did ruin tSP
  180. Oh Slam!!!!!!
  181. im gona take him out
  182. Bugg News exclusive.
  183. ebay
  184. Fuck you Billy you never cared about us!!!
  185. where in the world is machina 2?
  186. would you have really wanted to see SP continue with just JC and BC?
  187. TOP TEN SP/Zwan songs ever! GO!
  188. TOP TEN SP/Zwan songs ever! GO!
  189. How many times have you visited today?
  190. I wish James iha would get
  191. More ebay autograph fakes
  192. I hate you James Iha!!!
  193. Get it straight corgan
  194. Titles such as Fuck James Iha
  195. Untitled on Greatest Hits DVD
  196. This is probably why Billy waited four years to say this
  197. papa m
  198. New DVD, 1998-07-28!
  199. Machina II...
  200. Anything hidden on the Vieuphoria DVD?
  201. TSP - Your top 100
  202. any former z-boarders here?
  203. Machina >>> Machina Ii
  204. Hi again.
  205. West Coast request - ASAP (Letterman tonight)
  206. the new pic of the day of darcy is awesome.
  207. has anyone posted on billys live journal yet?
  208. which pumpkins song do you most wish you had written yourself?
  209. Wazzupp fellas!
  210. remember my words.
  211. Bully dolly fired D'arcy!!
  212. Pastichio Medley
  213. New Frogs Web Site is up!
  214. the worst SP songs?
  215. machina=sucks
  216. billy was at the metro tonight!
  217. James still loves the pumpkins!
  218. Iha's reply
  219. Billy's Gravity Demos I
  220. Billy To Be At Harry Caray's Restaurant
  221. Songs in C
  222. ***pumpkins ftp site***
  223. paper cd sleeves
  224. i don't know about you but...
  225. The Smashing Hooblins
  226. hey im selling some sp bootlegs...
  227. my words fly like fish
  228. james video (interview w/ apc)
  229. in 1995 I purchased MCIS for 24.99 - new
  230. SP Hub logon
  231. 1998/10/25 VH1 fashion awards video
  232. burner/CDR question
  233. 1979 and Perfect Videos
  234. Added zwan2003-03-27.flac16 to
  235. This was wierd...
  236. Lull?
  237. The Metro Final Show mp3!!!!!
  238. i wonder what billy's next journal entry will be...
  239. Best and worst performances of BWBW?
  240. Infinite Sadness tour curiosity about you
  241. Methusela is a little rare bit of creative genuis
  242. corgan to post at any time now?
  243. machina II in my hands, finnaly!
  244. Looking for: Papa M 10.7.03
  245. what's billy's problem?
  246. Infinite Pictures: A Smashing Pumpkins Image Archive
  247. boot pick of the month / B&p offer
  248. audio pros EQ etc
  249. Fucking TTT video ruined the song for me
  250. vinyl / promos for trade