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  1. NYT reviews Second City
  2. teitbite
  3. 1979 before the video?
  4. SP equipment appreciation thread
  5. A good site for SP stuff
  6. goatse man
  7. when?
  8. "bOlly"
  9. WANTED: Pisces Iscariot Vinyl.....
  10. ISO: A Perfect Circle live
  11. Do you love Vancouver '97?
  12. Anyone know where I can get the hat Billy always wore during the Adore era.
  13. Unknown Perfect acoustic version??
  14. Mutron Biphase
  15. ISO: Smashing Pumpkins "666" video - ANY FORMAT
  16. FS: SP Vinyl & promos
  17. Another gay mix CD thread
  18. does PJ from Fargo still post here?
  19. does billy ever make you laugh?
  20. Corgan Mention In Pitchfork's 2004 Outlook
  21. 2 Flaming Lips/White Stripes tickets for Sale
  22. Is there anything?
  23. i know i may get flamed, but where is the hub?
  24. Billy - More creative on or off drugs?
  25. PumpkinsTV on WinAmp
  26. dusty and pistol pete = natural born killers
  27. well no shit
  28. Guitar World Quotes About Legacy
  29. What happened to the sp action figures??
  30. msots - the song
  31. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Malaysia
  32. cdrwin
  33. now seeding: zwan2003-03-24
  34. iso: european mogwai tapers
  35. Voice Prints
  36. dvd multisytem (region 1 and 2)
  37. "So I'm from Virgin records and lets rap!"
  38. Anyone heard about this (true/false)?
  39. who was the resident cex fan on here ?
  40. sp 2000-01-11 To Sheila Intro
  41. James' guitar
  42. "Zwan" to play OU????
  43. What's the name of the track from Zwan Home Movie #5?
  44. Correct "Lover" tabs?
  45. Last show at the metro
  46. Pumpkins lookalikes
  47. what happened to blamo
  48. Needed: Webpage with Smashing Pumpkins' commercial fonts.
  49. FS: 2 Tickets White Stripes/Flaming Lips
  50. B0lly on faith
  51. Aeroplane Flies High Box Set
  52. The Adore Demos
  53. we love you
  54. Zwan pegged as a miss (failure) by Much Music
  55. is this special...
  56. L33t Hub Xmas gift
  57. Merry X-Mas!
  58. FT: Extra SHN Data CDs of live Pumpkins stuff
  59. merry christmas to you all
  60. hello everyone
  61. let's talk vieuphoria.
  62. Adore settings available here
  63. MCIS settings available here
  64. Original o-site back up
  65. Good old time snail mail trade!... interested?
  66. Pumpkinizing your own apartment
  67. Rapper "Chingy" covers Pumpkins Zero!!
  69. Beautiful lines from Pumpkins' lyrics.
  70. Now Sharing: Decemberists 2003-10-28
  71. vieuphoria dvd
  72. what's the most SP-like band (other than SP) you've ever heard?
  73. lyric help
  74. I want to know where Billy played songs in Chicago a few weeks ago....
  75. Billy Corgan solo band members
  76. What's the latest on Billy???
  77. Ag vs. TSP ( what is this doing with you?)
  78. Another possible Corgan appearance in Michigan
  79. Toronto(ish) Crew: Papa M & Super Furry Animals, Feb 5 @ Phoenix
  80. ATTN: Jason Roth
  81. I'm an idiot.
  82. Your Favorite Song on 'Gish'?
  83. Billy's handwriting
  84. WANTED: Will pay $$ or trade for High Quality Adore shows on CD or VCD
  85. Damien Rice shows
  86. The Locust Tour Dates
  87., paracell, ect
  88. Ten 2003 CDs you should hear--even if you haven’t heard of them
  89. What's Billy gonna be doing at midnight
  90. FS: Pumpkins t-shirts
  91. spinoff: what's billy doing NOW?
  92. wtf?!
  93. Zwan #6 on Entertainment's Music: 15 best of '03
  94. Once in a Lifetime, Paris, 2000-10-19
  95. Vinyl and CDs for sale..
  96. Bjørn Thorsrud to work with Corgan on solo album
  97. Celebrity Look-alikes
  98. Celebrity Look-alikes
  99. Hey, bit torrent people: can you seed the 08-14-1993 show?
  100. Does B0lly like you?
  101. what do you consider the punmpkins' stand apart song - their creep or blue monday?
  102. viuphoria question
  103. Bolly has arrived on Mars
  104. So when is the official SP site reopening and WHY?
  105. i don't want to buy Bolly's solo album
  106. WTD: Versus w/ Mates of State 12/31/03
  107. spaceland
  108. goddamnit.
  109. snail mail trade
  110. Taping Equiptment
  111. Zwan DVD
  112. so who hates billy?
  113. Scam?
  114. Pulzeczar Appreciation Thread (aka: PAT)
  115. would there be any interest here for the final...
  116. Do these covers really exist?
  117. Why Won't Anyone Sell Me Bootlegs
  118. whoa... i actually just started feeling like i miss Zwan...
  119. does the Notwist allow taping?
  120. Vampire toque/beanie/toboggon FS
  121. 1993 Billy vs 2003 Billy
  122. :thumbs up:
  123. Jimmy working on record with Mike Garson
  124. how come so many of you act like Billy did something to you personally?
  125. Destination Unknown
  126. Getting closer to the Zero tone. (clips)
  127. wtd: tapers re: A Perfect Circle / Melissa Auf der Maur Euro tour dates
  128. Billy Solo Album news...
  129. Zwan Rock Am Ring
  130. name your favorite pumpkins songs
  131. metro dvd?
  132. Hey Mars Volta peeps!
  133. good news for minidisc fans
  134. Question about pumpkins live...
  135. well, now this is interesting........possible news....kind on
  136. what will billy's "futuristic rock record" be called? (photoshops welcome!)
  137. are Billy and Jimmy still together?
  138. Greatest Hits VHS
  139. New Zwan DVD!
  140. Billy's Solo Project
  141. zwan=concept band?
  142. Integral Naked
  143. fs: CR-05
  144. brinty spears/ tsp message board?
  145. I think I've found a replacement for goatse for this forum..
  146. why i love james so fucking much
  148. Reunion
  149. Killer Pumpkins Mix
  150. if YOU were the other members of sp, would you want to re-unite?
  151. listen to followed the waves by melissa
  152. B0lly's You're All I've Got Tonight EQ secrets revealed!
  153. Willa Ford (yes it's OT)
  154. Frank Quinto
  155. and here you can watch the video for followed the waves
  156. jimmy at NAMM
  157. lets pretend YOU select the tracklist for MACHINA
  158. Home appreciation thread
  159. let's pretend WE ALL get over the fact that MACHINA was released
  160. lets pretend MACHINA was called SIAMESE DREAM 2: REVENGE OF THE 2 HEADED BABY
  161. In My Body appreciation thread
  162. the last two seconds of Cinnamon Girl
  163. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  164. Anyone have these shows clean and free of problems
  165. white spyder appreciation thread
  166. Hi! I'm New... Looking for some pictures of Billy Corgan for a tribute project.
  167. help?
  168. Does this look fake as hell to you??
  169. Is This Copy Of Machina II Pressed By Virgin?
  170. goatse
  171. "sooner or later we're going to have to rename the Smashing Pumpkins and Music Tradin
  172. Starla
  173. Pumpkins tribute band ?
  174. Hummer
  175. aliens do exist
  176. About Bolly's guitars
  177. Plextor DVD Writer in Best Buy Sale?
  178. hey
  179. TSP 06.25.2000 Zepp; Fukuoka
  180. Attn: Dead.
  181. Papa M up for grabs
  182. Question over the 'Nothing Ever Changes' tracklisting
  183. b0lly.
  184. I've never seen these photos before
  185. Ok fuckers, tell me whats so bad about Machina?
  186. Marquis in Spades
  187. Spun Sountrack/Unfinished Djali material
  188. Hideout Comp #3?
  189. sp 2000-05-26
  190. billy to appear on alejandro escovedo - tribute album
  191. iso any tapers going to the SXSW Conference Show
  192. Corgan buys a new house!
  193. my new trading site
  194. You would of thought they knew Zwan was dead..
  195. will trade for Dave Matthews......
  196. New french SP treat -> DVDs
  197. this thread may or may not be of interest
  198. Time Signatures
  199. I want this shirt on Ebay\
  200. Do they make XXL Zero shirts?
  201. Netphoria is ranked #385 (out of 483) at
  202. wanna buy a car?
  203. machina promo i found
  204. Why you shouldn't use house power in old venues.
  205. billys recent charity event
  206. Where's Vince
  207. are the frogs still going?
  208. 9/5/93 Italy on analog
  209. While digging around in an old box of SP videos, I found 3/24/97
  210. Adore-era vocal layering
  211. A perfect circle/MADM info
  212. MCIS - with super rare cover!
  213. If there was a follow-up Zwan album...
  214. I had a dream aboot b0lly
  215. Adore Mono Lp
  216. is up!!
  217. adore
  218. Corgan, Browne Singing for Escovedo Tribute
  219. have i missed something?
  220. when sp reunite, i don't think darcy will want in.
  221. If I miss the Hell Hath Frozen Over Tour...
  222. Smashing Pumpkins Guitar Tones/Fuzz Pedals
  223. "Speed Kills", from the Stand Inside Your Love single/EP
  224. Selling My SP Collection!
  225. Pumpkins DVDs and live shows
  226. Somewhere in some alternate dimension...
  227. Buy My Games
  228. WANTED: Infinite Sadness Tour Shows With Jimmy
  229. want an Elliott Smith SBD show?
  230. Pick your singles from each album.
  231. Fuck Corgan
  232. Fuck You video appreciation thread
  233. Pajo on Zwan
  234. i need help...
  235. Fuck
  236. Creating a Pumpkins best of mix...
  237. You're a poser SP fan if your favourite album is...
  238. I like Miss World
  239. New post on
  240. Fuck You Flash
  241. Are there any SP songs without the bass turned up/down any steps?
  242. question on machina! the "mystery" and so on.
  243. Anyone taping Bowie?
  244. Trades?
  245. BILLYboard Article
  246. i just saw some awesome shit on pumpkins tv on winamp
  247. Dante's in Portland, OR
  248. every time i play galapagos on guitar i fall asleep.
  249. Anyone have Tori Amos shows for trade??
  250. looking for trades