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  1. billy at the cubs game!
  2. hey guyz, remember the machina acoustic demos?
  3. letting some things out
  4. For Sale: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 12" swirley clear red LP + Today 12" free
  5. “Bring Me the Disco King”, David Bowie, Mike Garson and Adore Tour
  6. i just went through a pumpkins dry spell
  7. Fifteen years ago tonight
  8. I have an idea running through my head tonight
  9. simple billy guitar question
  10. i had a pumpkin/netphoria dream last night...
  11. James Iha scored a movie?
  12. I need a setlist
  13. APC promo posters for sale
  14. Some SP things for sale...........
  15. billy on air now []
  16. Rings vs Dream Brother
  17. whats your favorite pumpkin song right now?
  18. Unrecognizable song
  19. the Abbey Pub
  20. GH[limited edition] still in stores
  21. Workplace Boredom
  22. breakfast with radiohead
  23. Whoever is holding back the metro dvd is evil
  24. from wich era is ''the begining is the end is the begining'' from?
  25. Is that billy poetry online anywhere? audio or text?
  26. Once again I am assured why TSP is my favorite band
  27. The fastest SP songs onstage
  28. Listening to the Pumpkins gives me the strangest feeling
  29. Learned the Cherub Rock solo!
  30. Zoom anyone?
  31. what are we getting for the holidays?
  32. Download Problems
  33. weird homade pumpkin bootleg?
  34. Top 5 Zwan songs...
  35. Alex Grey + Zwan =
  36. Desire
  37. Nick Cave Boots
  38. What's this song name/version/whatever
  39. how long until corgan starts playing TSP songs?
  40. What's the story behind Billy's ZERO shirt?
  41. ZERO single/e.p./whatever
  42. i do believe this forum should be over and done with
  43. Billy Prank Calls People
  44. Sharp MT20 help?
  45. Question
  46. ISO: EITS tapers
  47. Which song best represents SP?
  48. Looking for an interview in mp3
  49. smashing pumpkins demo tape
  50. trade
  51. Jakeez Betbetba?!
  52. 1337est leona naess recording ever?
  53. What do you think Billy's solo material will sound like?
  54. Blank Page
  55. Hut Recordings 1991-2001
  56. The Marked
  57. Corgan Murder Scandal Rocks this PhoriaPoster's world!!!!!!!!!????????54321
  58. Shorten MCIS down to one disc for me.
  59. Zwan 4/22/03
  60. if mellon collie had only 1 CD
  61. where did you bought your SP cd's?
  62. greatest hits-ADDED MATERIAL!!!
  63. okay let it come down is killer
  64. What songs do you skip?
  65. NZers
  66. weird homade pumpkin bootleg?
  67. Pumpkins #9 on Much More Music "Best of the 90s"
  68. i saw the Zero shirt at hot topic
  69. Zwan Forum's Admins suck!
  70. Mashed Potatoes
  71. *new* mashed potatoes faq?
  72. Are Papa M cool with taping?
  73. Billy singing national anthem
  74. trail in the dust?
  75. alternate versions
  76. MCIS Piano Score
  77. Never Give Up! Let's Score Some Runs!
  78. A Question re: Mayonnaise
  79. Billy is on WGN at 8:40
  80. washington post
  81. Corgan has Celebrity Playlist with new iTunes site
  82. Show at UCSD january
  83. There is a huge picture of the Pumpkins in my economics textbook.
  84. Favorite version of Blue Skies?
  85. a step closer to recording with ipod
  86. On the top of Cerro la campana near Santiago de Chile
  87. sound cards
  88. Adore movie still happening?
  89. new MD
  90. want, want, want
  91. Did anyone record Peaches @ Metro?
  92. All New Zealand Tapers
  93. Billy's Worth
  94. Which MCIS song you liked at most on Adore Tour?
  95. Song Meanings
  96. I just listened to Adore since 2 years
  97. Saddest SP songs?
  98. For Sale-Siamese Singles Vinyl boxset
  99. Fave pumpkins videos
  100. Gish rough mix?
  101. botle sounds on gish?
  102. how much would you pay for....
  103. is Billy annoying?
  104. Anyone Interested In Any Of My Collection
  105. Jimmy Eat World (mini-West Coast tour)
  106. james' guitar playing
  107. Anyone up for a good old snail mail trade?
  108. where is this song from?
  109. jimmy's sandwich
  110. Zwan rough mixes
  111. Top 3 favourite instrumental moments
  112. anyone have any pics of sp during the machina recording sessions?
  113. that stupid noise at the end of ''Quiet''
  114. VHS>DVD transfers are about to be 100% digital...
  115. Anyone want near perfect MCIS settings?
  116. OMG The Pill met Paz and David!
  117. spinoff thread: best 3 jimmy moments
  118. Billy contributes guitar on next Blindside album
  119. ISO: any Doves recordings
  120. i like el sol
  121. Auf Der Maur tour dates
  122. Both Ontario Auf Der Maur tour dates WILL be recorded
  123. London Adore show
  124. Christmastime Appreciation Thread
  125. pumpkins fans: i need your help...
  126. Secret Sounds
  127. Metro DVD
  128. hard core pumpkins fans
  129. what is your fav Pumpkins album??
  130. Bury Me
  131. Billy's Solo EP - 6 songs - tracklist and info
  132. Live 25 minute Silverf*ck lyrics
  133. Tricky - Sample from suffer
  134. On billy's divorce
  135. how can the last silverfuck not be on kazaa yet
  136. The Hub
  137. james wha wha
  138. you should enjoy this
  139. Fruit Bat Salad
  140. I don't know if i could possibly get excited if billy ever does anything again, ever
  141. Billy The EgoManiac Comic lives
  142. My troubles with organizing 12-pages long tab: Consultation/Help needed
  143. Zwan pre-masters
  144. i'm kinda sad the zwan broke up
  145. Metro DVD
  146. Pumpkins shirt on TLC show
  147. need help identifying a video
  148. early versions of Jellybelly? (1992)
  149. Macintosh client to access the SP hub
  150. What have Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan meant to you?
  151. i just got this e-mail from some random person....
  152. Best Pumpkins song for a wedding cd/reception
  153. iron & wine
  154. Where can I find out what Matt Sweeney is up to?
  155. Auf der Maur @ Horseshoe 11/2
  156. Billy's 54 Strat
  157. Untitled single................
  158. What The Hell Are These
  159. Bodies
  160. The Mars Volta :O :O
  161. The Melissa Auf der Maur video project
  162. What is your SP Greatest Hits?
  163. I feel bad for Billy...poem night
  164. B-Sides CD
  165. Sqrew the greatest hits what about a box set
  166. Interview/review: Carving up the Great Pumpkin & yelling boo to rock's Holy Ghosts
  167. Are the Reel Time Sessions mastered?
  168. Good bootleg mixes/whatever
  169. Looking for people to do trades with!
  170. please. for the love for god.
  171. Zwan rough cuts/premasters
  172. Arggghh
  173. My Dahlia - two versions
  174. Best version of To Sheila
  175. Judas 0 and pathetic fallacy
  176. DV encoding with CCE
  177. Pre-masters vs. rough cuts
  178. Billy's Best Screams
  179. '99 Adore docu release
  180. Track04--Quiet(fixed) ???
  181. James covers Champagne Supernova
  182. GISH Survivor ROUND 1
  183. When I try to connect to the hub...
  184. "the joker"...
  185. Spfc
  186. I'm glad that cartoon Billy shit never happened.
  188. Alternate studio version of Quiet
  189. I saw Billy last night
  190. Favorite Adore Lyric
  191. The first time you heard Soma's rockin?
  192. I love Pisces Iscariot
  193. galapogos
  194. does anyone know how billy plays the main riff to ava adore on acoustic
  195. MCIS Review -help needed
  196. Hay Netphoria Shall I Buy This?
  197. There It Goes
  198. it's relevant I swear.. harharhar
  199. Welcome to earth...Spaceboy!
  200. Zwan dirt
  201. Sunday Nov 2 Pre-Auf Der Maur Netphorian Get-Together!
  202. Billy and Bozo - back again
  203. favourite basslines
  204. Billy in bed?
  205. can you believe it's been 10 years since sp on snl?
  206. Stp
  207. Kiss
  208. bands you would like to see cover an SP song
  209. Digital Transfers to laptop
  210. SP covering Steve Miller's "The Joker" (on MP)
  211. The Virgins
  212. Pre-Gish>>>Post-Machina
  213. Article in todays Suntimes
  214. I really like riverview
  215. Best live version of Crestfallen?
  216. new info about b0lly!
  217. origin / meaning of "Zero" & MACHINA
  218. Machina Story question
  219. Billy Solo Tour news
  220. What do you think Billy's Solo Album will be called?
  221. so no one went to hooters
  222. Zero on Much Music
  223. Obscured appreciation post
  224. Papa M at Elliot Smith tribute tonight
  225. The mystery of MACHINA
  226. history of BOlly
  227. where can i download Graceful swans of never?
  228. Ultra Rare Trax
  229. D'arcy
  230. Old rough mixes same as new?
  231. Kerry Brown's website
  232. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness?
  233. Mixing two sources
  234. Black Wings Over America
  235. Schwa Productions FAQ
  236. Burning .shn files to a cd
  237. ? about 3/31/98 James Iha show
  238. 1995/02/28 skips between tracks?
  239. excellent pumpkins pic...
  240. e-mail me for my bootlist
  241. Anyone know where to find "the Walkmen" live recordings??
  242. gish album cover
  243. finally there is a European release date (and retail price) for TSP' Metro double DVD
  244. If a new SP Live release was announced, what would you want?
  245. Lame dream about metro dvd
  246. Zwan/SP torrents
  247. non-album zwan
  248. sad peter pan makes me moist
  249. Billy's Best Style
  250. jesus loves his babies