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  1. Wouldn't it be cool if...
  2. please help me in my quest for knowledge
  3. ...what would u think of a pumpkins cover band?
  4. New bassist=guy from Urge Overkill?
  5. STU for YOU (aka tapers needed)
  6. Wow! I never thought of it this way!
  7. Top 33 Billy guitar solos
  8. ATTN: Fares & Brandon
  9. Bad Trader Alert-Jerry Wasik
  10. James Iha Speaks
  11. New APC photo with James
  12. set the ray to jerry
  13. What would do if you won a...
  14. Black Oblivion guitar tab?
  15. Chrysanthemum and Cast A Stone
  16. East
  17. radiohead 08/28/03
  18. Cover Of The Week!
  20. ISO: APC tickets for Toronto
  21. Paz quit Zwan?
  22. go tape nada surf
  23. if you had Corgans last 5 bassist in the same room
  24. vinyl
  25. james is in winnipeg
  26. FS: Three Smashing Pumpkins Bootlegs
  27. Text on my engagement ring...
  28. The last minute of Age of Innocence
  29. Omgwtffz!!!! T0ytallyh L33t!!!!!!
  30. MTV news: Zwan
  31. wtb: APC tickets for Sep 10th
  32. archives?
  33. Billy uses a screen to remember his lyris???
  34. anyone know a good website for live/rare sp songs to download?
  35. innocence tab
  36. Recently recieved through eBayMail
  37. What was the bigger breakthrough- Today or BWBW?
  38. Go appreciation thread!
  39. The Best Of... James Iha
  40. mmmmm.....Mogwai.....
  41. Is this real?
  42. QOTSA tickets wanted
  43. A very specific search
  44. update on the mount eerie bootleg
  45. Zwan recorded in Dallas, TX?
  46. Billy Corgan's book
  47. After 4 years, I finally did it
  48. I really like Judas O
  49. Vanity is about..
  50. MD's
  51. james last night
  52. pumpkins got 11 on 22 greatest bands on MTV2
  53. This is interesting
  54. Mellon Collie Reprise
  55. possibly new info about the billyc poetry reading
  56. pajo's letter to pitchfork!
  57. I'm going to go see Papa M
  58. Video Compilation Heart/Sword Image transfer
  59. Gloomy Art Rawk - Starla
  60. Cheap silver-bottom originals on eBay
  61. i guess BC really likes Ziggy Stardust . . .
  62. Spun
  63. why Rocket wasn't *******d in the greatest hits CD
  64. B+P Request: Zwan 4.15.03 Dallas, TX
  65. so, i ran into madm this evening.
  66. meanings of pumpkin songs in other languages
  67. Lunch with Bolly
  68. Who has taped when they bring a date to a show?
  69. yo la tengo
  70. Dinner with Cher
  71. The Billboard charts 10 years ago today...
  72. willing to do 2:1-1995/08/25 - Reading Festival; Berkshire, UK
  73. Billy not on the rs top 100 guitarists list
  74. Back To Old Posts: What Cool Zwan/SP Stuff Do You Like?
  75. The Name
  76. S/P bassists seen working in Starbucks...
  77. Corgan Solo tabs
  79. News or BS?
  80. Thoughts on ZWAN?
  81. for the millionth time... machina really would have been just as good as adore if:
  82. Turn on MM now for APC
  83. matt sweeney sighting!
  84. did anyone here go to the 98 viper room show?
  85. that's gotta hurt
  86. Anyone for a trade?
  87. Adore bonus track
  88. SP songs that remind you OF stuff
  89. so if we *do* end up getting another boxed set . . .
  90. poetry reading in chicago
  91. I was talking with my friends last night
  92. James Iha SNL '94???
  93. Lyric B-sides
  94. SP Fashion Q: Billy's EG boots
  95. Full Circle
  96. Gatmog
  97. eye audio samples
  98. ANNUAL TOPIC!: 7 years ago today!
  99. hmmm...
  100. for people in chicago
  101. zwan broke up
  102. RIP: Zwan 2001-2003
  103. poetry reading on tv??
  104. HEy gUYS Zwan broke up !
  105. hmmm... zwan? is that new band of billy corgan?
  106. Zwan breakup poll
  107. but.. which version of zwan broke up?
  108. Travis baby! Touring again ...
  109. Heavily sedated
  110. the little girls that appear in siamese dream cover
  111. Yes, It Is True
  112. Are there still a lot of fans?
  113. So.....
  114. billy on wttw11 in chicago right now
  115. Does anyone actually think Billy's poetry will be good?
  116. Interpol in Toronto...
  117. I'm looking to get in to taping
  118. zwan's on the front page of
  119. at least one more official Zwan release we have to look forward to.
  120. My friend just bumped into James
  121. Worst Zwan memories?
  122. Zwan in GAP
  123. how did zwan's breakup affect you vs. the pumpkins'?
  124. B0lly solo record and poetry book for x-mas '04
  125. what if mellon collie would never been released?
  126. ISO: Primus shows (and others)
  127. so....when is act 5?
  128. BC breaking up his bands when APC...
  129. According to
  130. pajo on zwan breakup
  131. Hideout Compilation - Additional Info
  132. there's a billy corgan poll at
  133. Good Live Sites?
  134. james on apc/smashing pumpkins
  135. You people are all liars (re: reunion crap)
  136. Am I the youngest Smashing Pumpkins fan?
  137. billy's poetry reading info
  138. Review of poetry show? alright, here it is.
  139. senior quote
  140. Tonights setlist...
  141. iso: calexico tapers
  142. do you believe in pumpkins reunion?
  143. The Demise of Zwan
  144. Hey Billy
  145. neato
  146. who was the other with a serious drug problem?
  147. Where is the club Oasis in LA?
  148. hideout comp #2
  149. Forget about ZWAN
  150. This board is so much more entertaining lately
  151. sp boots
  152. Machina guitar rigs exposed!
  153. Better Break-Up Article (Greg Kot)
  154. BEST zwan memories
  155. Interview with Billy on Chicago Public Radio
  156. billy on chicago tonight
  157. zwan 2002-12-12 (simms) source info?
  158. aw, what the hell.....
  159. "Machina" embarrasses me as a fan
  160. Blank Dat Tapes FS/Trade
  161. ot: spfc is scary
  162. sp/david bowie split 7"
  163. i am a bit new to bittorrent.... help
  164. pic post: you and b0lly!
  165. The Zwan Car guy
  166. Bittorent
  167. some SP vinyl for trade / sale
  168. Talked briefly to Dave Pajo today...
  169. So now what will happen with the Djali DVD?
  170. the heart should have been an album cover
  171. Always MP3
  172. grey tristessa for trade
  173. Smashing Pumpkins Trades
  174. stop having a pity party billy
  175. GYBE! T-Shirt For Sale Size XL
  176. Bad religion played Pumpkins Zero!
  177. Wanted: Coldplay shows
  178. Winterlong
  179. FT: Orange Meep, 1 of 4.
  180. Let's talk about "Perfect"!
  181. MTV documentary on tattoos
  182. 22 Greatest Bands
  183. Jimmy's name spelled wrong in the Gish liner notes?
  184. so what was your favourite Zwan recording?
  185. Rhinocerous Promo
  186. Corgan to be on Oakenfold's next LP?
  187. Corgan's poetry...yay or nay.
  188. Perfect/Daphne Descends
  189. unreleased zwan songs
  190. James Iha is in this music video!
  191. Anyone sitting on any Wilco recordings?
  192. Is Billy signed with Reprise hor his solo records?
  193. A Perfect Circle article in Guitar World (Inverview with James)
  194. let's play "Billy's Career Advisor"
  195. FS: 2 Yo La Tengo Ottawa Tickets
  196. Iso B+p
  197. Nada Surf revsited
  198. The Final Metro Show- Why the Fuss?
  199. suppose the smashing pumpkins reunited...
  200. WTD: Radiohead
  201. When will this board just be called Billy Corgan Discussion
  202. who's met billy and done this...
  203. B-Sides Question
  204. SP vs Zwan
  205. SPUN is now on movielink
  206. If you could tell the pumpkins off what would you say
  207. Zwan as the Smashing Pumpkins
  208. listening to uber new Chicago public radio BC interview
  209. The Marked VS Zwan
  210. If Billy had to be replaced for the SP reunion in 2007..
  211. has been...
  212. New Thursday
  213. Arab strap in edinburgh next month
  214. Crappy Moleasskiss cover.....
  215. i'm a new pumpkins fan and i need some help with their tunes
  216. 1979/BWBW Jukebox 7
  217. Poor Freddy
  218. billy, when he was a little fuck!
  219. Next Zwan Release: Vote Now!
  220. Rolling Stone = BC's Rumor Machine?
  221. i hate jews who listen to the smashing pumpkins
  222. i hate niggers who listen to the smashing pumpkins too
  223. new redirection
  224. Zwan 2003-05-06, released yet?
  225. would you like to look like this....
  226. Billy the rapper...
  227. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Recording 09/25/03?
  228. Ltb!
  229. if pumpkins reunion would be possible it would look like this...
  230. Best BC penned epic?
  231. WTD: Pumpkins DVDs
  232. Zwan = emo ??
  233. butch vig's studio: demolished
  234. Ball Smashing songs on Machina II Appreciation Post
  235. News!Officially confirmed SP band members
  236. Up For Grabs -- A Bunch Of Pumpkins Dat Clones!
  237. Huge Backhoe smashes studio where Gish and SD were created
  238. little bit of interesting billyc info from the zboard
  239. the metro silverfuck that is around...
  240. ATTN: long winters/western state hurricanes fans
  241. How Billy obsessed are you?
  242. some of you are...
  243. Mellon Collie midi!
  244. Has he actually ever played that custom Ibanez during MCIS tour?
  245. Pumpkins Karoke
  246. I was thinking...
  247. Local H tour
  248. siamese dream + MCIS + TAFH > Adore + machina + machina 2 + Let It Come Down
  249. Advice: Transferring Shows from MD
  250. the pumpkins really changed through the eras