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  1. Input on SP Related Tattoo
  2. name me a guitar player with more brutal solos than billy...
  3. Back from TMV
  4. Marlon Brando
  5. The smashing pumpkins.
  6. Omg Omg
  7. how rich is bolly?
  8. Drown demo?
  9. Rather then come up with an opinion, someone has decided to post as me.
  10. call to ban marlon brando.
  11. Did ANYONE buy Spun today? Thoughts???
  12. the official 2 cd track listing for TAFH from japanese import
  13. Taping Hum show???
  14. Name that guitar!!!
  15. For Martha appreciation thread
  16. some fruit bat salad screen shots...
  17. Request for FBS B+P
  18. fruit bat salad vol. 1 info
  19. 01/14/97 Sioux Falls Arena - Sioux Falls, SD B+P?
  20. check out TRIO tomorrow morning at 9 then again at around 3 i think
  21. now, I never saw the band during the 'gish' tour...
  22. soundboard metro on ebay
  23. s+p soundboard compilation
  24. I'm selling a JVC record player
  25. Damn!! Look at this...
  26. FS: DSM-6S /L + PA-6LC3B 85/170/250
  27. QUES:
  28. FA: Tristessa black & 1979 Mixes 12"
  29. Leaving for a Perfect Circle tonight!
  30. you know what pisses me off about bilzy?
  31. pumpkins tattoo
  32. You people spend more time looking for Drown promo's and Japanese Singles then...
  33. 03.15.93 Atlanta, GA
  34. oooh neat? i think i just found my wardrobe
  35. radiohead soundboard?
  36. TSP: the game
  37. Zwan - 2003-06-03, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
  38. Mic Stands for Sonic Studios mics
  39. Mellon Collie's Sleeper Hits
  40. MP3 Sourced? M2 Virgin Press?
  41. Kill Hannah
  42. 10 years ago today....
  43. you're favorite song of all time?
  44. Australian B+P
  45. APC detroit tickets??
  46. radiohead/pumpkins DVD traders?
  47. ISO joe from NJ (billycorgansbald)
  48. ISO: dat clones of these shows
  49. the reason machina sucks
  50. post every song you can think of that's better than glass and the ghost children.
  51. Poll, Reasons to Ban Desi
  52. excerpt from Glass and The Machines of God
  53. true fans post here
  54. the good ol' days
  55. webpage input please
  56. Summersault 2000 in Barrie
  57. Long shot, but worth a try
  58. Where are the Djali Zwan recording this summer?
  59. I'm liking Zwan again.
  60. The greatest help in becoming a HUGE SP fan
  61. ... i really like Declarations of Faith!
  62. Tree: tmv2003-07-21 (microtech gefells recording)
  63. so why do all these idiots have the 5.23.00 DPA source listed "nft"?
  64. Here is your chance to get rid of me.
  65. who's taping mogwai?
  66. 10/31/89: Where did the recording come from
  67. Reviews from REAL fans in 2000...not Nethporians who hate the pumpkins
  68. What do you get if you cross "A Perfect Circle" with "Zwan"?
  69. marlon is billy!
  70. Machina Iz Teh Wurst Albumm Evar!!1
  71. Why?
  72. haha, remember project 33?
  73. Billy interview about Machina when it came out...
  74. Interview with Billy and Jimmy about Machina
  75. Billy Comment On Machina
  76. hey marlon
  77. hey marlon
  78. Jimmy Chamberlin - Drum Clinic Tour
  79. yo check out my bass drum
  80. I wish I was blank.
  81. Best Band Ever. Its all right here..
  82. A Perfect Circle in Atlanta 7/30/03
  83. hmm... siamese dream booklet
  84. Taping Jimmy Chamberlin's clinic
  85. SP live on MTV2 Europe tonight
  86. 8-10-88
  87. For Sale: APC New York tickets
  88. FS: Sony M1
  89. unnumbered mellon collie vinyl
  90. Smashing Pumpkins on SNL / Comedy Central
  91. Any bored Chicagoans wanna tape?
  92. a black swan rode me into \ my place of destiny
  93. new here
  94. A Perfect Circle at the 9:30 Club
  95. tmv2003-07-21 Tree Structure
  96. to anyone who cares about the microphones...
  97. how much 12" tristessa is worth?
  98. CARSONG!!o!
  99. Selling SP stuff....
  100. Now On The Hub: Bpb2003-28-03
  101. BBC Special Disc
  102. Iso: Manson Tapers
  103. Zwan cover of Leonard Cohen's "Always"
  104. Need source info for this version of Starla
  105. Where to buy "silver-back" printed boots?
  106. What could it be....
  107. Metro DVD: A glimmer of hope?
  108. Geek USA from MP
  110. bye bye paz
  111. WWE Day @Woodbine Racetrack (Toronto)
  112. 92.xx.xx Metro - I Am One
  113. did anyone actually have faith in Djali?
  114. WANTED: Original Paz CD Yellow My Skycaptain.
  115. new Metro download site
  116. quention about sound levels
  117. so who's taping belle & sebastian?
  118. I'm bored
  119. Paz pronounced new Hitler of Liechtenstein
  120. Pic of Iha in APC
  121. What the fuck is this??
  122. site for T-Shirt
  123. Anyone want to B+P me these shows?
  124. spun soundtrack?
  125. are 10-30/31-1999 actually soundboards?
  126. Underrated songs
  127. NEWS FLASH! Reason Paz left!
  128. Just another cover
  129. Free AUD CD - zwan2003-03-29 [Wilhide]
  130. Pumpkins TV
  131. Jimmy's most impressive songs.
  132. why does everyone *love*Paz?
  133. T_r_a_d_e
  134. probaly the wrong board but.......
  135. Pajo did not leave Zwan.
  136. Gonne be honest about Zwan
  137. billy's reading poetry in chicago
  138. Where can I download the Machina 2 mp3's that were on
  139. Confirmed, Yelena is pregnant
  140. Overrated Songs-the sequel
  141. Your B-side Mixes
  142. Billy's 666 shirt in Vieuphoria
  143. im a n00B-just testing here
  144. D'Arcy Appreciation Post
  145. Will someone give me Pale Scales?
  146. Piece on James and APC
  147. I need some one to tell me the production technique of churb rock
  148. 4/7/03 Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA AKG 438 > DA-P1
  149. Paz played at the APC show in Chicago
  150. Zwan on the New Music!
  151. Today cover by...
  152. new papa m tour dates
  153. an epiphany!
  154. Skinlab covered Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  155. apparantly the person who created this drink is a Pumpkins fan
  156. mic windscreens?
  157. Tristessa black 7" for sale
  158. you'll never guess what song james sang in minneapolis tonight...
  159. anyone want to B+P me these shows?
  160. battle of the bands....SP is listed
  161. on ebay: Smashing Pumpkins Aeroplane Jimbo Drynx Promo
  162. Jimmy Chamberlin ad in new(Sept 2003) issue of Revolver magazine...
  163. JAMES IHA in toronto!!
  164. Machina 1, test pressing, CD 1 of 2?
  165. Taping allowed at Jimmy drum clinics?
  166. Ok, this is weird.
  167. happy birthday cranny!!!!!
  168. Please, take this with a huge grain of salt
  169. the guy on some MTV show was wearing an SP shirt...
  170. that was a cool time
  171. setlists
  172. some new video clips from the metro.
  173. thing
  174. Shameless Self Promotion...
  175. Value of original Earphoria promo?
  176. A Request for Tapers in Germany...
  177. pumpkin hub
  178. st. louis drum clinic 8/13
  179. Pumpkins Radio By-product
  180. ISO adaptec drivers
  181. Selling some SP items
  182. How much would you pay to see the pumpkins again?
  183. This means something. This is important. re:Marlon Brando
  184. Free SHN CD - zwan2002-12-13 [Slurpee-Gallagher]
  185. glass episodes 1,2,3
  186. News about J.C.'s Chicago clinic
  187. interesting observations
  188. 1996/01/30 - Soma; San Diego, CA, US
  189. Maybe this is old...
  190. Watching Billy play guitar in vieuphoria....
  191. "This is a poppy Smashing Pumpkins song."
  192. anyone know where i can dl the adore demos?
  193. this man I love wrote those 2 songs
  194. Have you ever listened to the end of For Martha, backwards?
  195. A Post
  196. i liked
  197. secret message in zero? (fuck it up)
  198. Help Me Distribute the Montreal Radiohead Show
  199. James' guitar effect on Stand Inside Your Love?
  200. drum clinic mp3's available
  201. James Yoshinobu Iha??
  202. does a japan paper cd version exist of TAFH??
  203. Hey Elvis
  204. What has JC said about an S/P reunion tour?
  205. how many smashing pumpkins stuff do you own?
  206. how much do u listen to sp?
  207. is paz out of zwan?
  208. anyone in Chicago tape these?
  209. Greensboro Clinic - REALLY LONG REVIEW
  210. pumpkins concert tonight on mtv2 (europe)
  211. Whats up with the Paz leaving Zwan topic being closed?
  212. Zwan: 2003-06-06 Rock Am Ring DVD
  213. FS! 2 radiohead tickets, Toronto
  214. Where is billy now?
  215. Tickets For The Poetry Reading Go On Sale 8/25
  216. Stealth Audio mics
  217. fat billy
  218. Trade/ B+P for Fruit Bat Salad?
  219. clip from a private howie day performance this afternoon...
  220. Live Pumpkins Covers
  221. i need a bass roll-off filter fast! what should i do!
  222. does anybody remember smashing pumpkins survivor?
  223. VH1's I <3 the 70's
  224. Nelly Furtado... SP...
  225. crackpot theories why adore failed
  226. FS: promos, singles, silverbottomed bootlegs, interview discs, cdrom
  227. i read somewhere that MCIS was cut from 31 songs to 28 at the last minute
  228. Fruit Bat Salad Vol 2 info??
  229. itt, we love machina
  230. WTD: Nada Surf, Pedro, Versus
  231. has this been done in a while? post your bootlist link.
  232. selling SP stuff (video tape)
  233. WHOA! Pennies on the radio
  234. To whoever does Pumpkins TV... 250kbps please!
  235. ISO: Iron & Wine tapers.
  236. When is settle down coming out!?
  237. wanted: APC tickets for 10/9/03
  238. song title?
  239. Smashing Pumpkins Action Figures (photos enclosed)
  240. Radiohead's "There There" video and MCIS
  241. ATTN: Zach Payne
  242. I need guitar help for soma live...
  243. B+p
  244. the smashing pumpkins are on trio
  245. Blur at Leeds Festival 2003
  246. To Sheila on "The O.C."
  247. Blissed and Gone would have been a great closer for Adore
  248. im listening to an actual pumpkins cd for the first time in about a year.....
  249. Friend's birthday present (please read)
  250. Email Problems