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  1. Radical changes made.You'll love it!
  2. if interested- greatest hits video as mpeg
  3. Zwan cancels ALL THE FRENCH DATES !!
  4. Evanescence cover "Zero"
  5. BC affiliation w/ Dave Navarro?
  6. Mellon Collie 8 x Platinum Award Disk for Sale!!
  7. Adore sessions with Jimmy?
  8. BitTorrent
  9. MADM sighting
  10. FS: Ween "The Mollusk" promo w/ 3 alternate mixes
  11. What Is This?
  12. Rome date moved
  13. Marilyn Manson SHN Hub
  14. D7 problem
  15. SP don't make VH1 top 100 songs...
  16. zwan cancelled entire europe tour
  17. SPFC equivalent?
  18. what zwan needs to do to keep their fanbase
  19. Ed O'Brien on SP
  20. I hate!
  21. billy jamez gay story
  22. Question: making a live cd
  23. What zwan needs to do to keep their fanbase
  24. Hub?
  25. song for judy on john sakamoto's "anti-hit list"
  26. Httt > Msots
  27. Does anyone knows where to download SP video interviews , trialers and promo videos?
  28. so...
  29. Frank Sinatra sings Disarm
  30. aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH
  31. Signed Pumpkins shirt
  32. Gayest Member of Zwan?
  33. Starchildren > Zwan
  34. When will Billy Corgan start playing Pumpkins songs again?
  35. Do you want heaping butt loads of Smashing Pumpkins Vinyl?
  36. ebay alert
  37. European dates > Aereogramme
  38. I really feel for Billy...
  39. your dream "tribute to SP" cd.
  40. who's taping radiohead in august?
  41. Got bored, went nuts with a gel pen on the back of a Zwan Fan...
  42. the official zwan site gives me a headache
  43. Bootleg Stores in New York City?
  44. zwan 5 nights at the metro shirt
  45. Blood Brothers summer tour
  46. zwan
  47. in this thread you insult billy corgan
  48. "What have they done to me?"
  49. Crannnny
  50. NSYNC>Zwan
  51. More Bootlegs To Trade!!!
  52. Zwan backlash?
  53. that how-high scheme for RTS acoustic sessions
  54. metro show on bittorrent
  55. Tony Iommi featuring Billy Corgan - Black Oblivion
  56. Tristessa
  57. An Unbereable bootleg
  58. which zwan shows are "radio recordings"?
  59. Looking for 4/4/03 QOTSA, Buffalo NY. I already have the Zwan set.
  60. Official apology/explanation?
  61. Glynis Appreciation Thread
  62. Post your favorite SP photoshops!
  63. ISO: Mission of Burma boots - ANYTHING
  64. HELP: IRC mp3 releases (please read)
  65. Behold!
  66. Radiohead Boston radio to air full Beacon show
  67. Supposed Zwan Break Up?
  68. Dynamic Audio Update
  69. yoohoo hub's back!!!
  70. metro
  71. Join B&k Resistance Now!!
  72. the starchildren
  73. Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins fans are a bunch of arrogant pricks!
  74. The machines of god returned
  75. CDRs
  76. some SP stuff on eBay
  77. Metro?? Vieuphoria 2!!
  78. A New SP/Zwan Hub Opens!
  79. !!!!!!!!SP movie script!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Parting With Your SP Stuff
  81. can't find zwan b-sides, yes tried kazaa
  82. Siamese Twins
  83. SP in the Washington City Paper
  84. Speed Kills
  85. Zwan Pull-out leads to cancellation of Glastonbury Festival
  86. Bolly And The Ecw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
  87. How do you like the idea of creating SP remixes? I just made a short one.
  88. MACHINA PROMO - what is this?
  89. what tracks are on the hideout comp?
  90. billy look-a-like
  91. Sweeney plays on Grohl's Probot
  92. Who wants a typoed tshirt?
  93. Caption THIS!
  94. My Eternity
  95. Revenge of the O-boarder!
  96. billy 2 years from now
  97. Arising Tour Poster
  98. The Arising Tour Photos!
  99. Billy's strat in slunk!
  100. some cheap SP stuff for sale
  101. !!!!
  102. does it bother anyone else that MSOTS and Adore bother start with the same 10 notes?
  103. Radiohead Amnesiac Ltd. Ed. cd/book for sale
  104. Which SP egg is your favorite?
  105. Radiohead SEATS for Philly
  106. Someone one here had an FoW hookup... now who was it?
  107. Pumpkins collection for sale
  108. people are going insane
  109. Fs: D7
  110. Is there anyone who knows that Stand inside your love video is actually...
  111. Anyone have some extra microphones for sale?
  112. They were legendary
  113. Le deux Netphoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  114. Hey - any one still do snail trades?
  115. 7/23/92
  116. Price on TEITBITE remixes 12"?
  117. Smashing Pumpkins in the Washington City Paper again
  118. Personal message to most beautiful lady in this message board...
  119. best acoustic version of muzzle?
  120. VHS trade
  121. You're my playground love
  122. Out of Phase Stereo
  123. ernestdaydreamer, or whoever the fuck you are, I challenge you to a duo
  124. zwan- february 11, 2003
  125. Anyone Selling Any Pumpkin Cds????
  126. lack of info getting you down?
  127. I got me the Seattle Zwan show.
  128. Listening to MSOTS/Seattle, and it owns you.
  129. No mainstrem ! No brainwash!
  130. For Sale: I Am One 7" Flexi Disc
  131. ITT you pick your favorite 2 tracks from machina
  132. billy should start a church
  133. Hey Look I got bored
  134. Fanmade Remixes.
  135. Whoa, this is pretty cool...
  136. James Iha to join APC? WTF?
  137. While I was at Barnes and Nobel today..
  138. 1998-08-06
  139. Have Corgan and Paz been doing the nasty since Summersault 2000?
  140. Go tape the Blood Brothers or else
  141. Talked to PAZ tonight !
  142. to the geniuses who wrote the petition online...
  143. VIDEO trade
  144. whats radiohead taping policy
  145. Taping w/ IPOD/NOMAD/Archos whatever....
  146. Anyone have a good mp3 of the Puff Daddy Perfect remix?
  147. Joao Miguel - RD+SS
  148. 3rd Thursday with songs from Smashing Pumpkins - Dallas, TX??
  149. Mashed Potatoes download link here!
  150. Your favorite set of demos from MCIS on...
  151. 6 degrees of billy corgan.
  152. I'm a super powered elevator!!!
  153. Audio Decompressor program needed
  154. the meaning of bullet
  155. Well i wonder,
  156. Listening to Siamese Dream for the third time today...
  157. Song name question....
  158. MP pressing info
  159. could be yours for $400!
  160. about Stumbleine...
  161. So I taped Placebo the other night..
  162. melissa's solo album to be released next year
  163. Bodies
  164. I need link to a great SP site!
  165. Spun download
  166. Scott Verbeek
  167. The Metro Show broadcast.
  168. Vieuphoria DVD Special Edition
  169. james in concert
  170. Metro show on ebay...opinions, please.
  171. I Fall demo - appreciation post
  172. a perfect circle club dates showcasing their new album
  173. We shall have the metro show soon enough
  174. help with billy quote?
  175. Etree Zwan Archive
  176. is there any new zwan news?
  177. Comments on Silverfuck from the last show
  178. Eels Taper Request
  179. FS: one radiohead ticket Toronto
  180. I Fall - Appreciate This
  181. Mars Volta US Tour
  182. FS: The Arising - Shirt - "calling all daemons...this is space control..."
  183. half ot: mcis hdcd?
  184. Well at least the leader of the band this board is based on agrees with me.
  185. Difference between rated and unrated versions of Spun DVD?
  186. Alternate Hub?
  187. What do you think?
  188. SP Songs that you can "relate to"
  189. So what did happen to Darcy?
  190. Leona Naess tapers (again!)
  191. does anyone listen to Machina II anymore?
  192. Reprise contract.
  193. feeling
  194. My reponse to someone who couldnt relate at all to Machina
  195. should marlon's topic be archived?
  196. Metallica's Until It Sleeps video is a complete rip off of pumpkins
  197. Built To Spill Taper Request
  198. Can someone tell me
  199. American Analog Set ?
  200. so its official....
  201. Do you think James and Darcy...
  202. Interesting Jimmy and Pajo interview...
  203. Going back to Siamese Dream after a long break...
  204. Machina is the best album of all time
  205. Mellon Collie Bookends = Same Length?
  206. upcomming zwan dates in/or near *toronto
  207. smashing pumpkins video promo (the videos) Catalogue Number: SPVTDCOMP1
  208. EHEHEHE whats your SP name?
  209. a sad man
  210. ISO:Soma played along with Eric
  211. Anyone with 12-2-00
  212. FOR SALE: Pearl Jam Complete Europe 2000 Tour (#1-25)
  213. Holy crap! Just announced: James Iha in new band!
  214. Your lack of appreciating Machina shows your maturity.
  215. When James Iha sings, he sounds asian
  216. darcy: found
  217. need help with a dat D7
  218. Zwan in Q Magazine
  219. Aeroplane and Lull
  220. fond pumpkins memories....
  221. Looks like the end of zwan
  222. news flash
  223. RTS question
  224. possible lyrical rip of 1979?
  225. a nite like this..
  226. bass roll-off filters?
  227. Real or fake?
  228. wake and bake
  229. to sheila was supposed to be in Cruel Intentions
  230. A Perfect Circle tickets for the Metro???
  231. so who's taping A Perfect Circle?
  232. Zwan better than Sex!
  233. Favourite Pumpkins tour/show/live song
  234. how many files of DISARM do you have on your computer?
  235. St: Recent burnt compilations...
  236. I can't be the only one who wants to drink cyanide when I hear SP's "Dreaming"
  237. Spun(Unrated version) DVD-rip download
  238. an idea, a revalation, an epiphany...
  239. Do you give a shit if Zwan breaks up?
  240. Diamonds is a pretty sweet song!
  241. OT: Can anyone hook me up with a working windows 98 disc/iso?
  242. hints of Zwan's next albums
  243. Darcy and James owe The Cassandra Group about $500,000
  244. Fruit Bat Salad...
  245. Mashed Potatoes B+P
  246. mcis vinyl
  247. can someone who knows please give me a link to where i could dl the last silverfuck?
  248. The Weirdest Thing About The People Here
  249. Attn:Marlon Brando
  250. Help needed urgently....