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  1. Things I noticed about the Seattle show.
  2. Hub time....
  3. shawn turner / collectspumpkins MIA
  4. new discography....
  5. guess zwan's per-show-income here (repost)
  6. MSOTS tab II.: DVD version
  7. mixing 2 sources?
  8. Track from the Home Movie 5 has been released
  9. Who still gets goosebumps when they harmonize on Farewell and Goodnight?
  10. What is your favorite track on MSOTS?
  11. Westwood One Database?
  12. will james play tsp songs?
  13. Toronto Ticket Brokers
  14. pajo_paz !!!
  15. zwan 2003/02/08
  16. home movie 4
  17. Instant Live?
  18. I wish i could have seen SP on the MCIS tour
  19. This pic looks damn cool
  20. best performance of rhinoceros??
  21. Are there any Zwan fans that were not Pumpkins fans?!
  22. WTD: Info. regarding 6.22.91-Metro
  23. what happened to
  24. Metro 12-02-00 SBD soon to be released...
  25. Why are there 5 topics that aren't getting bumped down?
  26. zwan2003-02-01 Zepp Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan B+P OFFER
  27. the aragon show
  28. Does anyone have a # of the Beast guitar tab?
  29. Smashing Pumpkins Machina MiniDisk
  30. Now playing first base...
  31. I need help with Fruity Loops! :(
  32. 2 versions of Number of the Beast?
  33. anyone feel let down by "revolution" Billy?
  34. SY Touring. Dirty Remastered + bonus trks
  35. Caption This!
  36. Lost Tapes
  37. Life House
  38. this is at least curious [Pistol Pete]
  39. ZWAN - concert in Belgium
  40. 1994/04/26 Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee, WI, US
  41. Netphoria..
  42. write into the leadout
  43. Lyric b-sides...are they out there?
  44. How much is it all worth? Decent Pumpkins collection for sale
  45. Collection for sale...but what is it worth?
  46. holy shit! just announced: the official "virgin" members are..
  47. Which MSotS song do you like much more now than when the album was released?
  48. new 1988 date on spfc.
  49. Frida Snell : Bullet with....cover
  50. rumored Djali Zwan tracklisting
  51. songs that *have* to be on the djalizwan record
  52. i shouldn't buy these bootlegs from "dan hewitt" should i?
  53. Pastichio Medley Box Set
  54. Hideout compilation.
  55. Three months and 32 shows later -- the Zwan N.A. tour is done ...
  56. Stephen Malkmus + The Jicks
  57. ebay madness........
  58. Who gives a F*CK about...
  59. MSOTS vinyl $$$
  60. James Iha photoshoot
  61. How things are tabulature
  62. OT: Caption This?
  63. Billy in the NIN Starfuckers video
  64. ah! perfection!CAPTION THIS!
  65. Melissa will play in Germany in July
  66. does anyone know if cincinnati got recorded
  67. Does any 1 have the buffalo show
  68. are you a good driver?
  69. When will the music end?
  70. Pumpkins Vinyl for Sale
  71. 4_22_03_A_new_Poetry.mp3
  72. Zwan Tshirts
  73. the shining path appreciation thread
  74. "New Wave A to G" appreciation post.
  75. azvd!
  76. for those of you who didn't know...2 new SBD's circulating.
  77. anyone know when spun can be bought/rented in the us?
  78. Smashing Pumpkins Show Poster
  79. Zwan in RS
  80. anyone taping squarepusher?
  81. Are The Frogs cool with taping at their shows?
  82. If you had the power to choose Billy's musical direction...
  83. my dad forgot his pw.
  84. Petition to reinstate the Corgan's Biggest Blunder Post
  85. New Release zwan2003-04-05 Sonic Sessions Pre-FM @ the hub
  86. FS: TSP - shirts
  87. World Goes Round or Ride a Black Swan?
  88. Crestfallen Appreciation Thread
  89. Good Pumpkins Guitar Site
  90. Zwan 5/4/2003
  91. 4/26/03 Seattle show
  92. So I got my essay on Adore back today.
  93. I Love the Living You appreciation post!
  94. I'm getting a Sony M1
  95. not really SP related at all
  96. Settle Down EP !!!
  97. What's your fav. SP nowadays?
  98. zwan rough mixes banned from the hub
  99. Matrix Reloaded...Ava Adore Costume
  100. My Eternity 3.16.89
  101. Guess what Kenny is doing
  102. How many TSP lives?
  103. NSPAA MP3 Concert CD's
  104. Machina II CD artwork ("original" vinyl) needed
  105. Zwan CD + DVD set questions
  106. What basis is there for the hour long NEC and what do we think is on it?
  107. ISO: Any TSP covers that YOU have done
  108. Adore Documentary
  109. the metro concert
  110. ZWAN on TWIB
  111. The Fifth Waltz - 2003/03/08 - Metro; Chicago, IL, US
  112. 10" Vinyl releases
  113. why, why, why?
  114. oops, IP banned from the hub.
  115. papa m review at pitchfork
  116. Which Smashing Pumpkins song beginning with "A" are you?
  117. CUE sheets
  118. OT: New EAC V0.95 prebeta 3 11/5/03
  119. d'arcy announcing at some awards thing?
  120. Standard Poll #005 - What is your favorite song on Gish?
  121. zwan posters?
  122. Speed Kills and Desire
  123. Any Zwan tattoos yet?
  124. Billie Burke
  125. Zwan @ Kingsbury Hall; Salt Lake City Utah (04/28/03)
  126. Zwan - 11/14/01 (Any new info?)
  127. a month ago today....
  128. ISO: 06-03-96 State Theater; Detroit, MI, US
  129. ISO XS or Small SP shirt(s)
  130. Looking to set up some Pumpkins / Zwan trades
  131. was it a cheat to not have Jimmy talk bout Melvoin in the Graceful Swans doc?
  132. adore-era non-lp tracks appreciation post
  133. My Bedroom has been reborn
  134. i have a confession
  135. BC's 'Vampire' Teeth...
  136. Who owns the "Siamese Dream" mastertape?
  137. Fav. SP artwork
  138. Better version of Age of Innocense: EGO or Machina release?
  139. News from Dynamic Audio
  140. FS: Siamese Singles 7" Box Set
  141. could someone please post an mp3 of "freedom aint what it use to be"
  142. 17 seconds Video
  143. Someone post the photo of D'arcy after she arrested
  144. sp singles in ny
  145. i just saw spun and...
  146. 3 years ago today...
  147. Question about Perfect single and Daphne Descends single
  148. Bodies would be great in The Matrix
  149. That "rat in a cage song"
  150. The Life And Crimes Of Thomas Jackson
  151. my ebay auctions
  152. my ebay auctions
  153. i'm about to get a copy of the spun vcd...
  154. What a deal!
  155. SP cover at Silverchair show
  156. billy in shadowbane?
  157. Billy w/ ZERO T-shirt in a Zwan ad
  158. hi there
  159. blood brothers tapers?
  160. Pajo > Iha
  161. qotsa taping
  162. who's going to Act 4 this year?
  163. Try: A short film
  164. Weak IMDB Review: Smashing Pumpkins: 1991 - 2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection
  165. "This box set belongs to:"
  166. DVD B+P offer (sort of)
  167. Love appreciation post + question
  168. why did you become an SP fan?
  169. ooh, lyric released on the mp3 scene today ;P
  170. b0lly to be on mtv2 europe tonight
  171. NY tapers... A favor?
  172. What seperates the pumpkins from other bands of the time?
  173. SP Vinyl-looking for other collectors
  174. Iha the next Moby?
  175. UK Fans! Zwan to play Jools Holland
  176. Zwan US Tour??
  177. Vinyl for Sale
  178. Which song did Billy fuck up the lyrics too most?
  179. Zwan UK Dates
  180. blazed pumpkins
  181. Wanna tape Dismemberment Plan before they breakup?
  182. Need 2 MP B+Ps
  183. The Foundation of Western Ave has been built
  184. Mike Garson.
  185. ringtones
  186. they just played tonight toight for the glavine vs. maddux game...
  187. NY Yankees Loves SP
  188. two early SP CDs for sale
  189. D'Arcy (My One And Only)
  190. Sp Web Sites Premiere
  191. my mogwai 29-05-02 recording
  192. Slow Dawn lyrics
  193. Friends And (lovers) 60 Min Demo Tape?Friends And (lovers) 60 Min Demo Tape?
  194. are there any fockin' SP sexists
  195. Do your parents like the Smashing Pumpkins?
  196. Lyric 7". HMV: 99p Ebay: $15.00
  197. Does Anyone Here Like Zwan?
  198. Where'd It Go?
  199. changes made
  200. babyletswhine appreciation post
  201. Anyone have an extra Bullet single(TAFH version) for sale?
  202. How do you store you shows?
  203. Intresting eBay find
  204. machina acoustic demos
  205. Exactly five years ago...
  206. So I was listening to Siamese Dream, and I came to the conclusion that...
  207. Anyone else have this problem? [flac related]
  208. Looking for a taper in London
  209. ANNC: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Coming Out Of Their Shells"
  210. Just saw the Zwan interveiw on The New Music for the first time...
  211. If Machina had been more Arising style it would not have sucked (discuss)
  212. XMLive Radio
  213. ISO: 96/08/27 - Las Vegas, NV
  214. Billys Recommended Books?
  215. But seriously, Spaceboy (MP) ....
  216. Question RE: legalities/ownership of taping.
  217. Zwan : disaster in Paris !
  218. My depression is killing me.....
  219. ST:9393 - Your Favorite Live Show?
  220. So I bought the damn magazine for nothing!
  221. Maybe Zwan ticket sales are low because
  222. Modest Mouse summer tour
  223. Billy's famous freinds
  224. The Largest Smashing Pumpkins Lot Ever! Almost Every Official Cd!!!!
  225. do your parents like zwan?
  226. Rip off of "Rhinoceros"
  227. More Online Thievery - Stealth Audio
  228. NME pic of billy & thom yorke made me sore that billy is treated like an also-ran
  229. Quotes post, fill in the blanks!
  230. Which song were you most disappointed wasn't played at the final 2 SP shows?
  231. Opinions
  232. what the hell is going on?
  233. Reissues?
  234. dresden
  235. appreciate this
  236. Take me to your leeter
  237. Zwan Hideout
  238. Who else thinks that sucks?
  239. ISO: Tapers who like Mogwai
  240. Calling All SP Fans - Metro Dvd Petition - NETPHORIA UNITE !
  241. When I Was Born, I Was Bored
  242. Wow, this is neat (circa 98?)
  243. is their an sp song you can't sing word for word??
  244. Problem with shn
  245. buy
  246. LOL Banned from the Z-board
  247. Why this place kicks ass
  248. Dutch people; Zwan @ Pinkpop
  249. ISO: hideout comp.
  250. US Code as per Taping