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  1. Pearl Jam Discussion
  2. What's the last record you got?
  3. st #2: upcoming shows
  4. Jeff Buckley - Grace or Sketches?
  5. trail of dead
  6. faith no more to play european summer festivals
  7. albums you listened to today
  8. Thread for posting your musics
  9. die antwoord
  10. what is yr
  11. Grimes
  12. musicians - ever feel like giving up?
  13. Been a while since we had a metal thread
  14. why don't we have a fucking jazz thread?
  15. ITT: amazing live performances of any musician that you think everyone should see
  16. I <3 Taylor Swift
  17. Attn: Trotski, Re: Titus Andronicus
  18. New MBV album before the end of the year...
  19. hbd david bowie
  21. bjork
  22. Jason Molina
  23. Tricky - False Idols
  24. justin timberlake - the 20/20 experience
  25. My Vitriol to release second album in 2014
  26. Danny Brown
  27. hey slunken do you like 80s italian horror soundtracks
  28. Now that over 3 years have passed since tKoL, how do you rank Radiohead's discography
  29. Turntable Advice Needed...
  30. The Fall are the greatest band ever
  31. synth pop
  32. Johnny Rotten
  33. Favorite band press/promo photos?
  34. new Brian Jonestown Massacre
  35. Do people like Lenny Kravitz and Oasis because of nostalgia?
  36. The Problem of Leisure
  37. Have a Saturday Afternoon 45 Party with me
  38. track of the day
  39. Porno For Pyros - Tahitian Moon
  40. Walkmen singer Hamilton Leithauser just released his solo album
  41. I like the new Paramore song
  42. Strunk: Die Antwoord
  43. Triphopd/Downtempo with heavy bass and smooth vocals
  44. richard skelton
  45. garage rock
  46. Give me some political punk to listen to
  47. Ghost Stories is Coldplay's King of Limbs
  48. The Dandy Warhols and Radiohead were on the same record label
  49. Interpol - El Pintor
  50. How to promote
  51. What about the lyrics
  52. What's the first record you got?
  53. is kanye really any good
  54. Ryan Adams - New Album, and discussion of his old ones...
  55. Scott O)))! Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Collab
  56. Greatest Post-Punk Band of All-Time
  57. kylesa
  58. What's the last record you broke?
  59. Best string arrangements in an album?
  60. Cynic's members are gay
  61. Weird Al's new album
  62. Real Alternative music
  63. Old Psychiatrists Club - my post-punk band.
  64. the national
  65. Can we talk about NIN
  66. NEOREV - official thread for my production
  67. Royal Trux
  68. angels of light
  69. Anyone going to Riotfest in Chicago?
  70. I attended a music festival in Wisconsin called Country Thunder this weekend
  71. how come we never had a thread about DORIS?
  72. De-Loused or Frances the Mute?
  73. S L E E P
  74. why did it take me so long to listen to the cure
  75. Morrissey - 'World Peace is None of Your Business'
  76. The Birthday Party
  77. slunken's summer 45 mix download
  78. MP3 Question!
  79. It's been 20 years since Woodstock '94
  80. New Aphex Twin album coming out in about 3 weeks!
  81. Just once in my life, I wish I could be this cool...
  82. new ty segall
  83. Show some Sonic Youth love
  84. Getting excited about a new Jamiroquai album is like...
  85. lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar
  86. Coldplay and Intetpol are my favorite albums of the year
  87. Neil Young files for divorce from Pegi, his wife of 36 years
  88. Songs that get you hype to party/dance/work out/break stuff
  89. Is anyone familiar with the rapper, Cage?
  90. So....
  91. Futurology?
  92. post 11-hour youtubes of music videos you taped from TV
  93. New song and album by the Drums
  94. The Killers probably wouldn't exist without the Chameleons
  95. Queen has released an album of two 1974 concerts and it costs 40
  96. How great is Nothing
  97. U2's new album: "Distopian junk mail"
  98. Childish Gambino/Donald Glover says rap is "done"
  99. funeral by arcade fire is 10 years old today
  100. Daniel Lanois - Flesh and Machine
  101. Ty Segall is kind of like the new billy corgan
  102. Do the verses of these songs have a similar melody?
  103. Why are NOFX so maligned on here?
  105. thread to discuss Interpol's 5th album El Pintor
  106. Guitar Playing and gear thread
  107. ISIS
  108. alternative R&B
  109. George Harrison tribute this week
  110. First Listen: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, 'Gone Girl (Motion Picture Soundtrack)'
  111. New Thom Yorke solo album.
  113. Best of 2014...
  114. Can we have a thread about the Adore reissue that ain't on the SP Boards?
  115. I have an EP out today
  116. "It's ironic: she had the booze, I had the chronic..."
  117. Chillwave artists
  118. Best 10 Year Span in Music
  119. Where the fuck do I start with Grateful Dead live boots
  120. Whirr - Sway
  121. name some personal perfect albums
  122. A Silent Film / Civil Twilight
  123. october 45s saturday brunch youtube mix
  124. Yuck have a new EP out called Southern Skies
  125. Lately I'm really into making jams
  126. Songs that make you put on sunglasses
  127. Stupid dance pop songs
  128. Which Swans album should I explore next?
  129. jazz night at the local church
  130. Law and Order theme song
  131. Augie March are the greatest band ever
  132. Post a song that reflects your current mood or situation.
  133. new Foo Fighters record
  134. Any Slater Kinny fans here?
  135. Psychedelic anything
  136. Any Eels fans?
  137. So Ed Kowalczyk is not the singer for Live anymore
  138. run the jewels
  139. Who's up for a bit of Tupac Amaru Shakur?
  140. The Flaming Lips: With A Little Help From My Fwends
  141. Can we have a jazz-rock thread?
  142. New Cold War Kids album has leaked but won't be released till March
  143. Post your favourite Smiths/Morrissey songs.
  144. New Marilyn Manson
  145. Favorite voices
  146. Songs that make you smile or remind you of good times.
  147. Any Immortal Technique enthusiasts?
  148. Halloweeny type songs.
  149. what artists do you associate with boarders
  150. RIP Wayne Static (Static-X)
  151. Successful band/artist you hate most RIGHT NOW
  152. Good songs by bands you don't like.
  153. Who is the Greatest American Band of All Time?
  154. Six Degrees of Black Sabbath
  155. Sia
  156. Who is the Greatest British Band of All Time
  157. The Weeknd is probably the most prolific artist of his generation
  158. recommend some really good music documentaries here
  159. I think Beck is way more genius than he really gets credit for
  160. Taylor Swiff quits spotify
  161. Failure - Fantastic Planet: Great album or greatest album?
  162. Saturn Return - Alchemical Rock
  163. You think Stewart Copeland and Neil Peart did coke together in the 80s?
  164. Anybody else spring for a Pono?
  165. I can't believe Dire Straits where the biggest band of the 80s
  166. november sunday brunch 45 youtube playlist
  167. What albums by Curve should I listen to if I like Garbage?
  168. can't remember if there are any chromatics/johnny jewel/drive soundtrack fans here
  169. White Lung
  170. This is a two gallants board
  171. Seinfeld and rapper Wale argue over nothing
  172. RIDE reuinite, announce world tour
  173. My Vitriol appreciation thread
  174. Songs that have made you cry.
  175. My version of Ghost In The Machine by the Police
  176. Laura Brannigan Appreciation post
  177. new Two Gallants song - album in february
  178. Girls Against Boys - Freak On Ica
  179. Who had a bigger influence? Sade or Michael Jackson?
  180. This is what ppl who like distortion listened to in the middle ages
  181. British Ska anyone?
  182. Grateful Dead 30 Days Of Dead
  183. Coldplay may break up after next album "Head Full Of Dreams."
  184. post punk revival tiers
  185. Robyn Hitchcock
  186. B-52's
  187. Glassjaw / The Used
  188. omg war on druqs
  189. Little Dragon and Jhene Aiko got Grammy nominations
  190. fka twigs
  191. Madonna releases 6 songs from her upcomer "Rebel Heart."
  192. Which of these is the best name for a band?
  193. Drake - How About Now
  194. NZ thread
  195. Detroit Techno
  196. Aimee Mann- Save Me
  197. the Weeknd - Earned It
  198. Britpop tiers
  199. Venn diagram of Oasis fans and soccer hooligans
  200. The last drunken songs thread from 2014
  201. Good Throb
  202. Can we have a post-punk board?
  203. DnB and dubstep?
  204. Was U2 ever as bad as Simple Minds?
  205. Trance/Prog/Psy/Darkpsy/Goa - Dance till you transcend thread
  206. Big Beat
  207. ~Cold~ music videos?
  208. long-standing bands who still nailed your balls during their later years
  209. Thread for Neil Young videos
  210. Electroclash band Zoot Woman have a new album out.
  211. Lyrics you wish you wrote
  212. New Jack Swing might be the worst genre of music I've ever heard
  213. Purity Ring - Begin Again
  214. Sleater-Kinney, No Cities To Love
  215. You think Soundgarden affected Queens of the Age's success?
  216. Eminem - Hello
  217. Artists that fully embrace 80s pastiche
  218. SJ's bi-annual metal-and-other-heavy-things thread
  219. A Place To Bury Strangers / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  220. Daniel Johns (Silverchair) solo album...
  221. ghostface killah
  222. Looking for Silversun Pickups Neck Of The Woods limited edition box set
  223. Faith No More have a new album and stuff
  224. Jeff Bridges - Sleeping Tapes
  225. Any Deftones fans?
  226. new remix by the Weeknd / new PartyNextDoor EP
  227. Hozier - Hozier
  228. Robbie Williams cancels concert in iceland because of veggie food
  229. New Torche Album
  230. my 3 favorite bass players: Mick Karn, John Taylor, Robert DeLeo
  231. private soundcloud rap that reps your city
  232. rap song that steals the hook from a Flock of Seagulls song
  233. Bjork Vulnicura
  234. Macho Alex: The Funk - homemade kids tape from 1995
  235. favorite guitar players
  236. Young Widows - In and out of youth
  237. why don't the Tool get more love here?
  238. why doesnt toad the wet sprocket get more love here?
  239. It's so frustrating trying to find new music online
  240. Avant-garde metal/Experimental Metal
  241. What is "Main Cure" and why should anyone care?
  242. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet & Other Distress
  243. We Are Scientists - Return The Favor
  244. Eve 6's Horrorscope is a guilty pleasure of mine
  245. Morrissey
  246. Viet Cong
  247. Drake just put out his "808s and Heartbreak"
  248. 2015 releases
  249. WHO: Only listen to one hour of music a day
  250. Filter - I'm Not The Only One