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  1. Skits on hip-hop albums are the worst
  2. Smiths reunion
  3. The best pop songs from SMASH-HIT pop artists non-smash hit albums
  4. HiFi UltraAudio LCD Soundsystem Auditory Experience thread
  5. The songs you completely forgot about thread
  6. Best of 2016
  7. RIFF WARS!!!
  8. Weird Al Appreciation Thread
  9. Thread for Boris
  10. singer talks about taking drugs to cure writers block and write songs
  11. Old Time Relijun
  12. Swedish band that are similar to Tame Impala
  13. Årabrot - The Gospel
  14. is it still cool 2 like modest mouse?
  15. Candela Vibrophase
  16. Riff Raff - Bitches in my Driveway
  17. Korn released a new album and it's really fucking good
  18. every mother fucking time
  19. Thread for Pallbearer
  20. New Slowdive Track
  21. Stoners will like the Weeknd's new video "Party Monster"
  22. 2017 releases
  23. Goth Rock
  24. Pet Shop Boys - Where the Streets Have No Name (Can't Take My Eyes Off of You)
  25. Matthew Sweet
  26. listen to the new sun kil moon album
  27. Help me find this early 90's song
  28. Dandy Warhols and Verve both ripped off the Rolling Stones
  29. Rolling Stones are totally original and ripped off no one
  30. Fuzzy's Punk-Rock Jukebox
  31. Orgy - Talk Sick
  32. notwhat or PTH
  33. I pledge my life to ISIS
  34. Let's talk about Faith No More
  35. Looking for albums like Public Castration Is a Good Idea
  37. When the Record You Buy at the Merch Table Doesn't Come with a Digital Download Code
  38. ITT: your most awfulest band audition stories
  39. Listening to Radiohead and Coldplay back to back
  40. Listening to Chuck Berry and Buckcherry Back to Back
  41. The shift towards nihilism and detachment in music
  42. bands that are terrible
  43. My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros & Mogwai
  44. Listening to Cursive and Trail of Dead Back to Back
  45. nin isolated vocals thread
  46. Why Does Father John Misty Suck Donkey Dicks?
  47. Live qotsa 'preciation thread
  48. favorite maroon 5 song?
  49. Jamiroquai keyboardist Toby Smith dies at 46
  50. Will someone talk to me about Jimmy Eat World
  51. Tears for Fears, White Lies, and the Killers all playing together
  52. is there any love here for Alejandro Escovedo?
  53. ITT post amazing guitar tones
  54. Which netphorian had the most success musically?
  56. New Pornographers live
  57. Awesome chick fronted band... Any of you guys listen to the band Damone?
  58. How did none of you fuckers make a Slowdive thread?
  59. Japandroids
  60. Mutoid Man - War Moans
  61. Big Walnuts Yonder - s/t
  62. Worst lyrics you've ever heard thread
  63. ITT post awesome interviews
  64. Live gotsa 'preciation thread
  65. So how does netphoria feel about Wolf Alice?!
  66. FEEDER
  67. Perry Farrell
  68. Arcade Fire – Everything Now
  70. New Coldplay EP, new Com Truise album and new Partynextdoor EP this month
  71. Help me find a song/video from the 90's
  72. Pile - A Hairshirt of Purpose
  73. Radiohead and Damon Albarn the only relevant artists from the 90s
  74. the beastie boys
  75. The Beach Boys
  76. new stuff by the Drums and the Killers
  77. They should rename QOTSA the Josh Homme Experience
  78. Man... Brian Wilson is still touring and all.. But he aint looking so good
  79. Who wants to talk about Queensrÿche?
  80. new dead rider track
  81. Weezer
  82. Cat Power - Anybody seen her live?
  83. coolest / craziest album cover I've seen in a while
  84. The Lewd
  85. st # 567898765: recently purchased albums, ep's, singles etc
  86. The Cinematics: for Killers, Interpol, White Lies fans
  87. iit post jaw dropping drum performances
  88. Brian Wilson's SMiLE
  89. Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence
  90. new CONVERGE single
  91. Dead fucking Cross
  92. The Killers - Run For Cover
  93. songs you can't listen to fewer than 10 times in row
  94. New gybe record late September
  95. Any U2 fans here that like the band Civil Twilight?
  96. Motion City Soundtrack
  97. Revisiting trail of dead - source tags and codes
  98. grizzly bear - painted ruins
  99. Rainer Maria S/T
  100. Steven Wilson - To The Bone
  101. Mariah Carey to release cover of Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  102. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
  103. I like whimsical 60's psychedelic pop
  104. Men At Work / The Police nostalgia thread
  105. Fav Beetle thread
  106. Wu-Tang album on eBay - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin
  107. Whose the best member of Burzum?
  108. Is Coney Island Baby the best Lou Reed album?
  109. Riot Fest
  110. Decapitated
  111. When did Michael Jackson go insane?
  112. self destruct
  113. Seriously... Fall Out Boy has some really good power-pop on their earlier albums
  114. The National – Sleep Well Beast