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  1. private soundcloud rap that reps your city
  2. rap song that steals the hook from a Flock of Seagulls song
  3. Bjork Vulnicura
  4. Macho Alex: The Funk - homemade kids tape from 1995
  5. favorite guitar players
  6. Why don't the Chili peppers get more love here?
  7. Young Widows - In and out of youth
  8. why don't the Tool get more love here?
  9. why doesnt toad the wet sprocket get more love here?
  10. It's so frustrating trying to find new music online
  11. Awful nu metal discussion for fuzzyroes
  12. Avant-garde metal/Experimental Metal
  13. What is "Main Cure" and why should anyone care?
  14. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet & Other Distress
  15. We Are Scientists - Return The Favor
  16. Alice in Chains video from their glam days -1986
  17. Eve 6's Horrorscope is a guilty pleasure of mine
  18. Morrissey
  19. Viet Cong
  20. Drake just put out his "808s and Heartbreak"
  21. 2015 releases
  22. WHO: Only listen to one hour of music a day
  23. Filter - I'm Not The Only One
  24. Why do people compare The Cure with Depeche Mode?
  25. It's Lou Reed's Birthday
  26. Das Racist's Heems new album "Eat Pray Thug"
  27. Unusual instruments
  28. Jihadi John makes you realize how long its been
  29. Is anyone else sick of how much trap and EDM have taken over music?
  30. The Resurrection of Kurt Cobain
  31. White Lies have become a modern day Tears for Fears
  32. Is it wrong that I usually avoid anyone that records under their name
  33. Old Blues musicians
  34. Robin Thicke and Pharrell have to pay Marvin Gaye's family 7.3 million dollars estate
  35. The kind of music fuzzy likes
  36. The cheesy pop-punk thread
  37. Spin-off: bands or artists you haven't checked out because of their name is terrible.
  38. look at all these fuzzyrose threads and threads dedicated to him
  39. kendrick lamar - to pimp a butterfly
  40. JMSN - Blue Album
  41. aphex twin released about 150 unheard songs on soundcloud
  42. designated alternative R&B thread
  44. 1983 was such an awesome year for music
  45. Notice how the lyrics on Tame Impala's Lonerism contrast sharply with the music?
  46. Covers you like
  47. sturgill simpson
  48. D. if you like Phil Collins you might like Twin Shadow
  49. Pussy Riot
  50. Speedy Ortiz thread because there's a sort of new band I like and that almost never
  51. Sufjan Stevens new album
  52. downtempo / chill out: Tropics, Telefon Tel Aviv
  53. I'm calling it now. Wales "The Album About Nothing" will be years worst rap album
  54. Tidal
  55. Marriages
  56. the Australian band Love of Diagrams
  57. client liaison
  58. Is it hypocritical that the Weeknd and Amy Winehouse are both drug addicts....
  59. Stereophonics.
  60. Your favorite decade?
  61. Your earliest musical memories / exposure
  62. I don't mind that Damon Albarn is a bandwagon jumper
  63. Frippertronics
  64. I don't mind that Damon Albarn wore a red & blue jumper
  65. young mexican band covers metallica
  66. young mexican band covers metallica
  67. Echo & the Bunnymen singer is good friends with Chris Martin
  68. shuffle your entire digital library and post the first five results
  69. Real emo/screamo thread
  70. Let's talk about RSD '15: The Official Thread
  71. stuff you just learned
  72. The Living End
  73. What is that puking sound in alot of heavy metal songs?
  74. Rank Your Top-4 Favourite Soft Machine Albums
  75. Cold War Kids appreciation thread
  76. REFUSED - FREEDOM (2015)
  77. Letterman's last shows
  78. Tame Impala - Currents
  79. Papa M- Whatever, Mortal
  80. First new Millencolin in 8 years just released
  81. Grooveshark shuts down
  82. genres of music that are often interchangeable
  83. between the buried and me
  84. Editors - No Harm
  85. It's Ian Curtis' Deathday
  86. friend who always brings up popularity when discussing music
  87. Spoken word vocals are Sex
  88. Shoegaze nowadays
  89. structural likeness between hootie's "let her cry" & b. harper's "steal my kisses"
  90. Shamir
  91. new albums by Civil Twilight and Mutemath this year
  92. The Science of Music by Eric Dollard
  93. MMJ - The Waterfall
  94. Ghostface talks about Action Bronson
  95. Ornette Coleman
  96. Quincy Jones and the Weeknd backstage at a Weeknd concert
  97. Beck's morning phase is over
  98. "Smooth" by Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty
  99. I like Viva La Vida as much as OK Computer
  100. I like Loveless as much as Siamese Dream
  101. I like This Is a Long Drive as much as The Lonesome Crowded West
  102. any news on beck's morning phase?
  103. I like Livin' La Vida Loca as much as OK Computer
  104. John Philip Sousa thread
  105. Tears for Fears
  106. Editors - Marching Orders
  107. I like Parachutes as much as the Bends
  108. Failure - The Heart Is A Monster
  109. another mixtape of old 45s
  110. Need some help finding a band...
  111. which one of you fucks posted this music
  112. terrible bands that have one really good song
  113. Flo White: "Reptilian Brain"
  114. Moby
  115. JOHN 5 - SOLO - Live 2015 S.F.
  117. Which 90's bands had the best initial 3 year run?
  118. do you buy music or download?
  119. Deep Dream album covers
  120. Rolling live and studio sesssion videos thread
  121. Foo Fighters demo leaks
  122. What are your favrotie 90's 1-hit wonder songs?
  123. Unknown Pleasures vs Closer
  124. fear satan
  125. David Bowies 50th birthday concert.
  126. Dilly Dally: The first new band in a long while to excite me
  127. Kawaii Metal
  128. Neon Indian
  129. D E E R H U N T E R
  131. What are some albums that you didn't like at first, but LOVED the second time?
  132. Nin fragile instrumental outtakes alt demos
  133. What records did you like at first and now you think its godawful shit
  134. Elph's Goth Thread
  135. Anybody Else Feel Like They Don't Listen to Music Much Anymore
  136. No Joy
  137. Silversun Pickups - Circadian Rhythm
  138. I'm the white rabbit
  139. Band(s)/Artist(s) nobody else but you seems to ever like
  140. ****** mayberry respons to fan shouting "marry me" with fuck you and the finger
  141. k-mart in-store KMRT promos
  142. So Frank Ocean has become a reclusive has-been
  143. top two lauryn hill songs.
  144. Frank Zappa and Sting - Murder By Numbers
  145. The Chameleon Soundscape, influenced by Pumpkins
  146. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?
  147. Composer of the month: Gerald Finzi
  148. The Microdance 'New Waves of Hope' ft Nicole Fiorentino.
  149. The Microdance 'New Waves of Hope' ft Nicole Fiorentino.
  150. Whirr come out as transphobic buttholes, get dropped from their label
  151. The new Weezer single sucks ass
  152. I was talking with my friend about Vampire Weekend and defending them......
  153. Why can't good songwriters continue to write good songs through their 40's and on?
  154. What is your Favorite Digit of the '90s?
  155. Turn On The Bright Lights is rated as high as Nevermind on
  156. The other new Weezer single sounds like Pinkerton
  157. hilarious NME interview with Phil Collins from 1990
  158. Report: Guns N' Roses Are Announcing Worldwide Reunion Tour in a Matter of Days
  159. Destiny's Child
  160. My Dying Bride - Feel the Mysery
  161. The English Beat are releasing an album next year
  162. Sun City Girls - Torch of the Mystics
  163. Music from Ultima computer game
  164. this week's heartbreaker
  165. KYUSS live
  166. winter
  167. Am I the only one who thinks Adelles super lame?
  168. Coldplay - Everglow
  169. the only essential Incubus albums to own
  170. i thought my hate for Amanda Palmer
  171. I thought my hate for Amanda Palmer
  172. hey did you guys ever hear about jeff buckley
  173. Best of 2015
  174. Any Aereogramme fans?
  175. Lemmy is raising hell IN HELL
  176. Best sounding vinyl records?
  177. Kill Hannah 1993 - 2015
  178. David Bowie has died
  179. Bowie bootlegs?
  180. 2016 releases...
  181. Holyy shit. I never realized Slash was going bald
  182. Holyy shit. I never realized Nash had so much balls
  183. Whats your favorite band (aside from SP if they're yours)
  184. the music inquiry and recommendation thread
  185. Alvvays appreciation thread
  186. i think i can die in peace now.
  187. M83 announce new album Junk
  188. Favorite dancefloor songs?
  189. new Dandy Warhols and Joy Formidable albums out soon
  190. Songs that make you feel better about yourself
  191. Clann Z from Melbourne and Dublin
  192. Scott Weiland's cause of death
  193. hey elph / james brown thread
  195. really great artists that you found out about on Netphoria
  196. how Greg Allman avoided the Vietnam draft
  197. new fuckin radiohead record due in June
  198. Your approach to lyrics
  199. new We Are Scientists album
  200. Drake - Views
  201. When and how did this song/video get so good?
  202. So Radiohead is releasing a new album this weekend
  203. New Stone Roses
  204. Have we done a desert island / "the one" thread before?
  205. joanna newsome
  206. Tragically Hip lead singer diagnosed with terminal brain-cancer
  207. Elbow's drummer Richard Jupp to leave the band after 25 years
  208. First New Avalanches Release In 16 Years
  209. Tame Impala making a bad disco / r&b album after two great acid rock albums
  210. Wu Tang's RZA and Interpol's Paul Banks made an album together
  211. do you guys ever play music to get yourselves going? what do you play?
  212. Animal Collective's Deakin - Sleep Cycle
  213. Brritpop band Mansun's wikipedia entry is very funny
  214. RIP Guy Clark - Old No. 1 IN HELL
  215. I think Elph is right
  216. bourgeois classical musicians play burn the witch
  217. I thinkk Fuzzy is right
  218. Portishead SOS
  219. Fuzzy's long-forgotten/unknown alt-rock 90's gems thread
  220. ITT: Talk about your songwriting\musical process
  221. th-they say the heart of rock and roll is still beating
  222. With Our Arms To The Sun
  223. The DIDJA KNOW? Thread: Proudly presented by Fuzzy
  224. Tom Delonge has left Blink 182 and been replaced by Alkaline Trio singer
  225. White Lies - Take It Out On Me
  226. I'm getting into 50's and 60's doo wop stuff
  227. David Brent: Live On The Road
  228. Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal on selling out
  229. Keith Ape - 잊지마
  230. Looking at new pictures of Veruca Salt and Luscious Jackson makes me sad
  231. Is it me or does the Clash kinda suck?
  232. Madonna Versus Katy Perry
  233. Metallica's new song "Hardwired"
  234. Favorite Music Videos
  236. unusual music
  240. What's your current mode of music listening?
  241. Obligatory Now Playing Thread
  242. The most underrated 70's arena rock bands thread
  243. Is it me or does Coldplay kinda suck?
  244. The new Pixies album "Head Carrier"
  245. Third Eye Blind
  246. Maynard Keenan doesn't like slackers
  247. Globes' Moth Thread
  248. Muse
  249. The new NOFX album First Ditch Effort
  250. A thread for Stone Temple Pilots why not